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Why Register a .BR Domain in Brazil

Like all other countries, Brazil was affected by the pandemic. However, its economy has rebounded to pre-pandemic level. The OECD expects its GDP growth to reach 3.7% this year while the country’s Minister of Economy projects an even higher growth of 5%.

With household consumption and investment increasing progressively, these projections are highly probable. And with a booming economy, Brazil offers vast opportunities for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and investors.
If you’re looking to start a business venture in Brazil, a website with a .BR domain can help you establish your business and grow your market base faster.

1. What is a .BR Domain?

.BR is the country-code top-level domain of Brazil. Its registry and operation is managed by the Brazilian Network Information Center (BNIC). The use of this ccTLD is granted only to legal entities in Brazil. Citizens, residents, businesses, or organizations must abide by strict guidelines for all domain registrants.
Other extensions available for .BR include the following:







2. Why Register a .BR Domain

1. A .BR domain establishes your credibility

The use of this domain extension is granted only to individuals, companies, and other entities that are legally operating in Brazil. So, having this extension shows the legality of your business and helps build your credibility in the country.

2. Your trademark and business name remains exclusive

The Brazilian government implements strict guidelines in the registration of any .BR domain name. Competitors trying to steal or use your trademark or brand name will find it nearly impossible to do so if you have already registered it as a website with a .BR. This ensures that your name and trademark are used exclusively by your business.

3. You are able to strengthen your local presence

A domain name with a .BR is easily recognizable in Brazil. Local consumers will instantly see that your business is based in the country and can cater to their needs faster. It also helps in brand promotion and in building a strong local market base.

4. It helps with SEO

Search engines in Brazil give priority to local websites. Adding that .BR means you’ll be among those pulled by search engines when a query is made. So, online shoppers in the country can easily find your online store or business site.

3. Requirements for Registering a .BR

1. Legal presence in Brazil

To register a domain with a .BR extension, you must be a resident, citizen, or legal entity based in Brazil. You must also have a valid local postal address and a two-letter state code.

2. Brazilian tax identification number

You must also have a Brazilian tax identification number. If you are an individual, you need to provide your tax ID or the Cadastro de Pessoa Fisica (CPF). If you are an organization, you need a business ID or the CadastroNacional de Pessoa Juridica (CNPJ). The BNIC verifies tax identification numbers with the Federal Revenue Service before they can be used for domain registration.

3. Local representation

Foreign individuals or businesses who wish to register .BR domains must have a local representative. They can appoint a local attorney who can register them with the .BR registry according to the specific procedures for registration of foreigners.

4. How to Register a .BR Domain

1. Open an account on the system

The domain registration is processed through the Registro platform and requires a user code. You need to register into the system and provide your personal information. Complete the request form and submit. If the form was filled out properly, an access link will be sent to the email address you provided. Click on this link to complete the registration process and receive your user code. 

2. Check the availability of your intended domain name

Once logged into the Registro system, look for the Search Domain widget on the home screen. Key in your desired name to check if it is still available. If it is not, key in your second option or choose from the alternative names suggested. Keep in mind that your domain name must have 3 to 26 characters using letters and numbers. Hyphens may be used between other characters but not at the start and end of the domain name. No special characters are allowed.

3. Register your domain name

If your desired domain name is available, click Register and follow the steps indicated. You will be asked to provide information including your CPF or CNPJ, the personal data of the account administrator, and your own personal information. Once you have provided all the required data, confirm your agreement to the terms of use and click Register. You can choose a registration term from 1 to 10 years. As long as you abide by the guidelines, you can renew your domain for another 1 to 10 years.

5. Start Your Business with a .BR

Having one of the fastest-growing economies in Latin America, Brazil is a great starting point for business enterprises that want to widen their reach in the region. Its free market economy, large consumer base, and openness to foreign ownership make it attractive to both local and foreign investors. To firmly establish your brand and grow your business, create a website and register a .BR domain.

By Ana

August 13 · 5 min read