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Get a Local Presence in Tanzania with a new .TZ Domain Name

Get the audience you want and let your voice be heard with a .tz domain extension. With a .tz domain, you can distinguish your brand and let your audience know that you’re focusing on a Tanzanian audience.

In general, domain extensions can impact your SEO and your website rankings. The right domain extension can help drive more conversions because it helps your website come across as more reliable and reputable.

Additionally, it can generate improved search engine results. A .tz domain extension will give your audience the information they need and whether or not your site is relevant to them, potentially driving more site visits.
Read on to find out how a .tz domain extension can benefit you and how you can get your own .tz domain.

What is a .TZ Domain Extension?

A .tz domain extension is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Tanzania. It signifies that you’re affiliated with Tanzania.

If you’ve acquired a .tz domain extension, it will look like these:

Why You Need a .TZ Domain

Tanzania is a sprawling country in East Africa. It continues to experience stable growth and is one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies. The country’s GDP increased by 4.8% in 2020, jumping from USD 60.8 billion in 2019 to USD 64.4 billion. It’s estimated that by 2026, the country’s GDP will grow to 6.0%.

What do all these figures mean?

Tanzania is a country that’s bursting with great potential. Optimizing your business with the right domain extension can help you prepare for the country’s continuous growth.

Having a .tz domain name identifies you as a Tanzanian entity and supports your ties with the country.
It helps improve your performance on search engines and can give you more credibility by establishing you as a legitimate Tanzanian business entity. It can also open up a fairer market environment. These are crucial factors, especially if you’re looking to scale your business and reach a wider audience.

For brands based in Tanzania, a .tz ccTLD can help improve your marketing and promotion strategy as this domain extension can help consumers easily identify and remember your brand and the products or services you’re offering. In addition to that, this domain extension can help you build more targeted online marketing campaigns.

Given that it can boost your SEO and branding efforts, having a .tz domain extension can potentially help cut down your advertising costs and attract potential clients.

Furthermore, having a .tz domain extension is ideal if you’re primary focus is the Tanzanian audience. This country-specific extension drives home the point that you’re focused on catering to the needs of Tanzanian consumers.

Other benefits of having a .tz domain extension include:

  •  Convenience when it comes to dispute resolutions as such issues are handled within the context of the Tanzanian business environment

  • Helps make more Tanzanian businesses go live online

  • .tz domain names are cost-effective and are available to use for Tanzanian entities

Most importantly, a .tz domain name is designed for every Tanzanian. Whether you’re an individual or a business, having a .tz domain extension communicates to your audience that you’re Tanzanian and can cater to their unique needs. These can help you stand out from a sea of competitors.

What Domain Names Can You Register with .TZ?

What can you do with a .tz domain extension? The good news is there are plenty of .tz domain names that you can register. Here are some of them:

  • A domain name designed for registered companies or business entities governed by Tanzanian laws.

  • A domain ideal for nonprofit organizations operating in Tanzania.

  • A domain name intended for use only by Tanzanian government entities.

  • A domain that’s ideal for websites focused on delivering information (informational websites).

  • This domain name is suitable for personal use and for individuals running personal blogs or private email addresses.

Other domain names that you can register with .tz include:







Get Your Own .TZ Domain Today with Nominus

The Tanzanian registry recently launched the .tz domain name registration, allowing interested entities to register their domain names directly under the .tz domain extension.

From March 1 to May 31, 2022, there will be a priority registration period for domains that have been registered at the third level. Until June 30, 2022, priority registration will be given to domain name owners or trademark owners who own a corresponding domain during this limited registration phase. On a first-come, first-served basis, the .tz domain name registrations will be made available to the public on July 1, 2022. Register your .tz domain today to have a higher probability of registration.

Note that the .tz domain will still be subjected to the same regulations as other domain names. There are more than 20,000 registered .tz domain names under 69 accredited registrars.

Nominus can help you register your brand under the .tz domain extension. Search and register your domain from over 200 ccTLDs, including the .tz domain extension, and over 800 gTLDs.

If you have an existing domain, we can help you transfer your domain to .tz. You get free DNS servers, email forwarding, and web redirection features that help you manage your domain zones with every domain. You’ll also be able to receive messages from your existing account to a new account and redirect your domain to the website of your choice.

We specialize in international trademark registration and domain registration services. We are an official ICANN accredited domain registrar on more than 50 global domain registries.

Get the .tz domain extension with Nominus and let your audience know that you’re Tanzanian and that you’re for Tanzania. Get in touch with our experts today!