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How to Register A .ID Domain Name in Indonesia

Table of Content

What Is a .ID Domain?
Different .ID domains
Why Should You Register a .ID Domain?
How To Register a .ID Domain?
The Renewal Process
Nominus Trustee Service for .CO.ID and .WEB.ID Domain Extensions

What Is a .ID Domain?

.id is the top-level domain name for Indonesia. It was first launched in January 2014. "Perkumpulan Pengelola Nama Domain Internet Indonesia (PANDI)" or the Indonesian Internet Domain Name Registry (PANDI) oversees it. The government has authorized PANDI, a non-profit organization, to handle the .id domain. They've been doing this since 2007.

Over 726,000 domain names have been registered with the .id domain so far.

Different .ID Domains

There are 13 domain names/extensions associated with .id and the most commonly used are:

  • .id: Which is the general ccTLD. It’s available for individuals (local citizens and foreigners) and legal entities.
  • This domain extension is often used for personal websites. The "my" part implies that the website is personal, related to an individual rather than a business or organization.

  • This domain extension is often used for general-purpose websites, without any specific restrictions related to individuals or businesses.

  • This is usually used for Indonesian business websites. The "biz" suggests commercial activity.

When we look at the most visited websites in Indonesia, we see that many use This is a domain used by businesses in the country. Some of the busiest websites in Indonesia use But, to get a domain, there are some special rules. We'll talk about these rules later.

Consider the examples of and They are the second and third most popular e-commerce websites in the country. Two other domains, and, get lots of visits too. However, these are meant for academic (.ac) and government (.go) sites, not for businesses.

Why Should You Register a .ID Domain?

That depends on the type of business you are in.

  • If you're offering goods or services in the region and have a local presence, getting a .id domain is important to build trust with local customers. Think of the .id domain like the online version of a local office - it shows real commitment and reliability, even if you're working with local third parties.

  • Reaching out to the people of Indonesia can help grow your online audience. Why? Because Indonesia ranks fourth in world population, and more than 70% of its people use the internet. That's over 200 million potential visitors to your website! If you offer content they want, it could be a big win. Sure, language might be a challenge. But with such a large audience, it could be well worth the effort.

Having a country's TLD gives you more digital credibility, and Indonesia is no exception. 

How To Register a .ID Domain?

Registering a .id domain is a relatively simple process, especially if you are working with a domain service provider like Nominus. The steps are:

1. Search for the domain name you want. There are five .id options:,,,, and .id. If the name you want is available, you'll see the price. If it's taken, the search engine will let you know.

2. Choose the number of years you want the domain for. The rates are generally favorable if you opt for a long period. You can choose to register the domain between one (minimum) to ten (maximum) years.

3.a. The .id,, or domain extensions have no restrictions, and you can register them from anywhere in the world. You will only need to provide the necessary contact information and the DNS and make the required payment.

 3.b. The domain is reserved for businesses operating in Indonesia. Here are the requirements to register this extension:

  • The domain owner must be a company established in Indonesia, or they should have (or be applying for) a  trademark in the country.
  • The domain owner must have a local presence in Indonesia.

To show that you're a legally incorporated company in Indonesia, you need to provide one of the following documents:

  • SIUP: A license for businesses to trade goods and services in Indonesia.
  • TDP: Company Registration Certificate.
  • AKTA: Article of Association.
  • NPWP: Tax Identification Number.
  • Or an equivalent permit.

These documents verify that you're authorized to do business in Indonesia. Additionally, an Indonesian ID card (KTP) or passport is needed. If you don't have these documents, don't worry. You can still register a domain using a Trustee service. More information on using a Trustee service is available in the following sections.

4. Once you have completed your domain registration and your website has gone live in Indonesia, you can start populating the website, or if the content is already there, get it translated to Indonesian to reach the widest possible audience.

The Renewal Process

Here's the process for renewing a domain:

  • The domain can be renewed at the same price as the original registration.

  • The domain's registration period is calculated from the day you registered it, not by the calendar month or year.

  • There's an option for automatic renewal, ensuring you don't lose your domain.

  • A reminder will be sent three months before the domain's expiration date.

  • If your .id domain has expired and you want to renew it within the 30-day grace period, please note that there will typically be a restoration fee to regain the domain.

Nominus Trustee Service for .CO.ID  Extensions

The domains are reserved for Indonesian businesses and individuals with the right paperwork. If you're not in Indonesia but still want one of these domains, you can use a Trustee service. For example, if you're using Nominus, they can include this service in their domain registration process. This does cost extra, but it simplifies things because you won't need to hire a separate trustee company.