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Why Register a .DE Domain in Germany

The pandemic and the Brexit may have affected both import and export trade volumes in Germany, but it still remains as one of the largest trading nations in the world. In fact, it is considered as one of the most international economies globally.

Expected to have a strong economic rebound in 2021, Germany is a good place to start a business venture. The accelerated digitalization of almost all industries makes it a lucrative location for new business models raring to meet the demands of changing consumer behaviors and consumption habits.

If you are looking into penetrating the German market, one of the first things you should do is to register a .de domain for your business website.

1. What is a .DE Domain?

.de is the country code top-level domain for Germany. It represents the first two letters of the country’s German name, Deutschland. With over 16.5 million domain registrants, .de is one of the five most popular ccTLDs all over the world. Over 1.2 million of these registrants are domiciled outside Germany. The registry of this ccTLD is managed by DENIC.

2. Who can Register a .DE Domain?

While it was intended for entities connected with Germany, .de can be used by any individual or legal entity worldwide. Unlike most ccTLDs, it does not require local residency of the registrant. The use of this domain only requires the owner to provide an authorized contact residing in Germany who can receive official communication on their behalf.

The .de can be registered for a minimum subscription period of 1 year to a maximum of 10 years. It can then be renewed for another 1 to 10 years.

3. Why Register a .DE Domain?

1. Improve SEO

Geographical location is one of the factors search engines use to provide the most relevant results during search. They match domain extensions with user locations for more appropriate sites. So, having a .de extension helps your site rank high on local search results. This positive impact on SEO strengthens your brand’s online presence and helps in lead generation.

2. Attract local traffic

Websites that use ccTLDs are always popular with locals. The .de implies that your site caters to German consumers and would likely be in the local language and local currency. So, consumers usually prefer browsing through .de sites when they want to transact with businesses in the same time zone and language settings.

3. Gain customer trust

Consumers tend to trust ccTLDs more than generic domain extensions. It’s the same thing for .de. It can easily turn your business into a national brand that people can remember and trust. It establishes your brand as a business that can be relied on to fulfill its promises.

4. Widen reach in Europe

Germany is the largest economy in Europe and ranks high when it comes to purchasing power. It is known as a lucrative market for investors and new business owners. It also has open borders for trade and travel with the European Union, making it a great jump-off point for businesses that want to expand in Europe.

5. Capture new market

Consumer behavior has changed significantly in the past year. Now, most consumers conduct transactions and make purchases online. Your .de website can bring your brand closer to these consumers and helps you capture the new digital market.

6. Optimistic forecasts in Germany

Economists forecast a GDP growth of 4.6 in 2022. Inflation is also predicted to go down to 1.6. This optimistic economic outlook makes Germany attractive to businesses.

If you are looking into expanding your business in Europe or starting a new venture in Germany, a website with a .de domain is a better alternative to a generic .com. Your .de site targets the German and European market to bolster your business growth in the region.

4. How to Register

There are two ways to register a .de domain. The first one is through DENICdirect. You can register directly with the official registry DENIC through their website. They offer domains at cost price, which is listed and updated on their site as well. However, the cost is usually higher than those of providers. Moreover, DENIC offers only domain registration and no other web services.

The other—and the more popular—option is registering through a provider that is a DENIC member. These providers are able to offer .de domains at lower prices and usually package them with other services, such as e-mail subscriptions, website hosting, and management. For new businesses, these customized or standardized packages present a more cost-effective option.

When choosing a provider, look for one that can offer comprehensive services and have reliable customer support. For your .de domain, consider Nominus.com. It offers other web services and trademark registration services to help jumpstart your business in Germany.

By Ariel Arancibia