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Country Domains

Attract local traffic with a country level domain name. Get articles & reports on why and how to register a .us .cn .jp .ca .mx .br .eu .fr & more.

An Introduction to the .VE Top Level Domain

.VE is Venezuela's country-code top-level domain (ccTLD), popular among its 30 million residents. This guide details .VE domain registration, requirements, including syntax rules, second-level domains (SLDs), and answers key queries about the .VE TLD. Explore its connection with Venezuela's digital audience.

A Comprehensive Guide to .PA Top Level Domain

Explore the .PA Top-Level Domain (TLD), Panama's official domain name. Learn about the growth of the .PA domain, representing a digital market reach of 4.3 million people. This guide outlines domain options, registration, and benefits, emphasizing its role in connecting with the local audience.

A Guide to the .EC Top Level Domain

This guide explores the .EC Top-Level Domain, Ecuador's official domain extension. Learn its history, key milestones, and the variety of Second-Level Domains you can register. The article outlines rules, requirements, and benefits of a .EC domain, emphasizing its role in connecting with Ecuador's digital landscape.

Discovering the .MX Domain Top Level Domain

This guide explores the .MX Top-Level Domain (TLD), Mexico's official domain name. Learn about the history and growth of the .mx TLD, which boasts over 1.3 million active registrations as of 2023. The article details domain options and rules, emphasizing the .mx domain's role in boosting Mexico's online presence.


Exploring the .PE Top-Level Domain

The .PE domain is Peru's official top-level domain. Overseen by Red Científica Peruana, it represents Peru's digital presence. The domain helps identify websites operating in Peru. The article covers its history, rules for registration, unique benefits, and why it's particularly ideal for the Peruvian market.

How to Register an .IT Domain Name in Italy

Through the following article, you will learn the advantages of registering a .IT domain, the ccTLD of Italy. You will also get to know the requirements for its registration, FAQs, and how renewal this appealing domain that offers opportunities for innovative tech companies (IT).

.PY: Understanding the Paraguay's Domain Name

Exploring the details of Paraguay's .PY domain, the article highlights its history, registration rules, and benefits. It outlines requirements for second-level domains like .edu.py and .gov.py. This piece discusses the domain's key attributes, its geographic relevance, and its connection to the Python community.

Understanding the .NO Top-Level Domain

In this guide we explore the .NO Top Level Domain, Norway's domain name with over 856,600 registered domains as of 2023. Learn its history, distinct advantages, and its role in linking businesses to the Scandinavian market. Discover essential .NO domain registration rules and the available Trustee Service for foreign entities.

Understanding the .CN Top-Level Domain

This guide explores the .CN Top-Level Domain (TLD), China's official domain name. Discover the history and evolution of the .CN TLD, which surpassed over 20 million registrations in 2022. We detail domain options, requirements, rules, and benefits of the .CN domain, emphasizing its role in enhancing China's digital presence.