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Blog - Domain Names

Find updates, articles, reviews, and the latest about country domain names, generic domain names, and web hosting services for your business in the Nominus Domain Blog.

How Domain Conflict Resolution Works for the .CA Top-Level Domain

Explore key aspects of .CA domain conflict resolution with our detailed guide. It offers a 6-step roadmap, from initial complaint to final implementation, simplifying each stage with precise timelines, including mediation and arbitration, for clear understanding.

United Kingdom's Most Popular Top-Level Domains: A Comprehensive List

Explore the UK's top .uk domains, such as and, essential for establishing a digital presence. These domains, widely trusted, cater to diverse online needs, enhancing the UK's digital identity. Learn about their key role in business and personal branding within the UK's dynamic online environment.

How .UK Domain Conflict Resolution Works

Navigate the .UK domain conflict resolution journey: Discover the critical steps from filing a complaint to reaching expert decisions, engaging in mediation, and finalizing cases. Learn through our comprehensive 5-step guide on how to effectively manage and settle domain disputes in the .UK namespace.

Top .JP Internet Domains: Japan's Most Popular Choices

Delve into Japan's digital realm with .JP domains, pivotal for businesses and branding online. This article details the rise of .JP domains, their various categories, and their influence on Japan's digital identity. With 1.72 million registrations by 2023, they symbolize Japan's strong online presence.


The New .ING Domain: A Fresh Approach to Web Naming and Online Identity

This article provides an overview of the new .ING domains, detailing the registration process, important dates, and offering good examples of .ING domain names. It highlights how these domains can enhance SEO and strengthen brand identity, making them a compelling choice for those seeking a distinctive and engaging online presence.

Unlocking the Potential of .MEME Domain Names: Benefits and Use Cases

Discover the .MEME domain: a game-changer for brands in entertainment and humor. Enhancing SEO, brand identity, and global appeal, it's ideal for trendy, viral content. This article offers insights on registration, key dates, and examples of effective .MEME names. Perfect for those seeking a unique online presence.

How Domain Conflict Resolution Works for the .JP Top-Level Domain

This article explores the process of domain dispute resolution in Japan's .JP domain. It details the steps and strategies for conflict management, the roles of key organizations, and the protection of online trademark rights, providing a comprehensive view of maintaining brand integrity in the Japanese digital world.

Exploring China's Most Popular .CN Domain Names

Explore China's digital landscape with .CN domains, emblematic of technological progress and vibrant online commerce. This comprehensive article examines the growth and impact of .CN domains, with over 20 million registrations by 2022, providing an in-depth exploration of China's evolving online identity.

Understanding Domain Conflict Resolution in China’s .CN Top-Level Domain

Explore the intricate process of domain conflict resolution within the .CN domain space. Discover the steps, strategies, and nuances behind resolving domain conflicts in China and gain insights into the mechanisms safeguarding trademark rights in the online sphere.