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How to Register a .IE Domain Name


Table of Content

Who Can Register a .IE Domain Name
Step 1: Check if Your Desired Domain Name is Available
Step 2: Understand the Requirements to Register a .IE domain
Step 3: Select a Registrar and Complete the Registrar’s Application Form
Registering a .IE Domain with Nominus
Benefits of Registering a .IE Domain Name?
Registering A .IE Domain Extension - the Bottom Line

If you're looking to establish an online presence in Ireland, a .ie domain can be a valuable asset. The .ie domain is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Ireland, and it can help you reach out to the Irish online community and build trust with customers. This blog post will discuss what you need and how to register a .ie domain.

Who Can Register a .IE Domain Name

The latest new .ie domain registration rules only require you to show proof of your identity and a connection to Ireland.
Anybody demonstrating a real connection to the Republic of Ireland can register a .ie domain name. If you have a provable connection with Ireland for any particular service, then you get the available .ie domain name on a first-come, first-served basis.

Steps to Register a .IE Domain Name

Here are the steps you need to follow for the .ie domain registration.

Step 1: Check if Your Desired Domain Name is Available

The first thing that you need to do is check if the domain name that you want is available. There is no point in going through all the hassle only to find out the domain name you need isn’t available.

You can visit to check if your desired domain is available for registration.

Step 2: Understand the Requirements to Register a .IE domain

The registration requirements for a company or individual in Ireland differ from those outside the country. We’ll discuss the registration requirements for both cases to give you a comprehensive idea.

Requirements for individuals in Ireland

  • If you are an Irish resident, you must show proof of residency. You can submit documents like bank statements or any other identification document that shows your residency status to fulfill this requirement.

  • If you are an Irish citizen, you can submit documents such as the Personal Public Service (PPS) number, passport, birth certificate, or driving license to register a .ie domain.

Requirements for an Irish company

If you have an Irish Company or are self-employed, you can show your connection to Ireland by submitting one of the following documents:

  • Company Registration in Ireland (CRO) Or RBN (Registered Business Name).

  • VAT number (a company registered in the Republic of Ireland / Northern Ireland).

  • Tax clearance certificate from Ireland’s Revenue Commissioners (or correspondence from them showing your VAT number).

Requirements for a company outside of Ireland

Suppose your company isn’t registered in Ireland, but you have some established connection or interest in doing business in the country and want to register a .ie domain. In that case, you must submit one of the following documents to fulfill this requirement.

  • Submit any invoices or marketing material that shows your trading relationships or agreements with the clients in the country.

  • Present a press release to show your intention to do business in Ireland.

  • Submit a copy of an Irish Trademark, an EU Community Trademark, or a WIPO Trademark enforceable in Ireland. If you don't have your trademark registered yet, can help with your Ireland trademark registration.

  • Submit a letter with the signatures of a third-party Solicitor, Auditor,  Bank Manager, or Accountant. The letter confirms that you have intentions of doing business in the country or have serious intentions of doing so soon.

Step 3: Select a Registrar and Complete the Registrar’s Application Form

Select a registrar of your choice. offers an easy process to go through to register your .ie domain. Please check the details in the next section. Once you decide which registrar you want to go with, the next step entails completing their application. You need to submit all the relevant documentation and submit it to the registrar. If everything is accurate and you successfully prove your connection with Ireland, you’ll get the .ie domain registration.

Registering a .IE Domain with Nominus

As mentioned, provides a straightforward process to check if your domain .ie is available and process its registration successfully if all requirements are met.

Go to to find out if the .ie domain of your choice is available.

Hit the search button, and the website will check the availability of the domain name. If the domain name is available, you can choose the number of years you want the registration (It is best to register for 5 or more years and get additional discounts).

Next, you can click on the checkout process and then fill in the form and other details to get your hands on the domain name with the .ie extension.

Benefits of Registering a .IE Domain Name?

As Ireland's official country code top-level domain (ccTLD), the .ie domain extension is the perfect choice for businesses and individuals connected to Ireland. Not only does a .ie web address shows that are based on Ireland or serve Ireland customers,  but it also comes with some other benefits, including:

- Increased visibility in Irish search engines: As an Irish business, it's essential to be visible in local search results. Registering a .ie domain name can improve your chances of ranking higher in Irish search engine results pages (SERPs).
- Improved brand recognition and credibility: A .ie domain can help you build trust and credibility with Irish customers and clients. As the official ccTLD for Ireland, a .ie web address shows that you're a reliable and reputable source of information, products, or services.
- Enhanced customer confidence: Customers are more likely to purchase products or services from businesses with a local presence. Registering a .ie domain name gives your business the appearance of being based in Ireland – even if you're located elsewhere. This can help boost customers' confidence in your brand, leading to increased sales and conversions.

Registering a .IE Domain Extension - the Bottom Line

We hope you have a better idea about getting your .ie domain registration. It will help show your target audience that your brand is based in the Republic of Ireland. 

Not just that, but you also have a better chance of getting your desired domain name with the .ie extension.  

So, now is the time to start getting the .ie domain extension for your businesses. And, if you are unsure where to start or want some assistance, you can get help from