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Domain name services description

Updated August 26, 2022

Nominus offers the following Domain Name Services. These descriptions are for reference only and are subject to change without notice. All services are subject to Domain Name availability and the payment of applicable fees. Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meanings prescribed to them in the Terms and Conditions or the Domain Name Services Agreement.

    1. Domain Name Registration.  Nominus shall process the domain name registration with the corresponding Registry or Registrar. Nominus will be the administrative, billing, and technical contact on your behalf before the ccTLD Registry. For gTLDs, Nominus will be the billing and technical contact on your behalf before the gTLD Registry.

      Once the domain name registration is confirmed by the Registry or Registrar, Nominus shall inform you.

      If additional information is required by the Registry or Registrar, Nominus will suspend the process of domain name registration until all the information is provided by the User.

      It is the User’s responsibility to read and acknowledge the last version of the specific Registry Policy applicable to the ccTLD or gTLD under which the User wants to register domain names.
    1. Automatic Renewal.  If automatic renewal is selected, Nominus will charge the credit card you have on file and process the renewal.
    2. Manual Renewal.  If Auto renewal is not selected, you must manually renew your domain name before the expiration date from your Nominus account.

      Nominus will notify you before the expiration date of your domain by sending emails to the address on file 60, 30, 15, 7 and 1 day(s) prior. This email will include instructions on how to renew your domain name.

      It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the renewal fees are paid in advance of the due date as shown on the “My Domains” section of your account, to prevent incurring in additional fees to restore a suspended, lost, cancelled, or deleted domain name. All domains expire at 0:00 UTC on the date shown on your control panel.
    3. Additional Auto Renewal Terms.  If the client has an active payment method saved in their account, all new domain registrations will have the auto-renew option set to “ON” by default. This means that the client´s card will be charged automatically for the domain extension’s minimum renewal period, prior to the domain´s expiration date. This option can be disabled by setting the auto-renew option to “OFF” at Nominus.com.

      If the client sets a domain’s Auto-Renew option to “ON”, Nominus.com will attempt to charge the active primary payment method one month prior to the domain’s expiration date. The client will be informed by email 10 days prior to the primary payment method being charged.

      If the first attempt to charge the active primary payment pethod fails, a second attempt will be made 29 days before the domain expiration date. If said attempt fails, another attempt will be made 11 days before the domain expiration date. With each failed attempt, we will send an email notification. If all automatic renewal payment attempts fail, an email will be sent to your e-mail address on file with further instructions.

      If the client sets a domain’s auto-renew option to “OFF”, the client will have to renew the domain manually via their Nominus account.

      If the client sets a domain’s Auto-Renew option to “OFF” and then changes it to “ON” less than one month before the domain’s expiration date, Nominus will attempt to charge the current active payment method within the following 24 hours.

      Please note that it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that there is an active payment method present and that it is not expired, has sufficient funds, and has complete and accurate information. It is also the client’s responsibility to verify and ensure that the renewal of their domain was carried out successfully. Nominus shall have no liability for a failed domain renewal.
    4. gTLD Specific Terms.  The following terms apply only to gTLDs.
      a.Renewal Grace Period.  Whenever a particular domain name is not renewed before its expiry date, it will slip into the Renewal Grace Period. This period lasts for about 40 days for most domain name extensions. All such domain names shall be put on a temporary commercial parking page indicating that the domain name has expired. During this period, any website and emails associated with the domain name will be non-functional.

      You may renew domain names in the Renewal Grace Period from your “My Domains” section on your account via the “Late renew” option next to the domain name. If the option is not available write to support@nominus.com.
      After renewal of a domain name in the Renewal Grace Period, it will take approximately 24 to 48 hours for DNS propagation to be completed worldwide. Once this is achieved, the website and associated services like email will begin to function normally.br>
      During that 24 to 48 hour window, while the DNS propagation is underway, your website may intermittently revert to the parking page and then go back again to your actual website, depending on how the cache of your ISP is refreshed. If you have already renewed your domain name and see the parking page, do not renew your domain again. Your website will be restored as soon as the DNS propagation is completed.

      b.Redemption Grace Period.  Once the Renewal Grace Period is over, the Redemption Grace Period begins and will last for approximately 30 days. You may renew a domain during this period for an additional fee.

      Redeeming a domain name is costly, time consuming and generally a manual process. During this period, only the current Registrar can redeem domains under its management.

      If a domain is deleted, it will enter the Redemption Grace Period ONLY upon: 1.) manual deletion of the domain name by contacting Nominus Technical Support; or 2.) system deletion of the domain name after the end of the Renewal Grace Period. In all other cases, a deleted domain name cannot be renewed/restored/redeemed.

      If a domain name is not redeemed during the Redemption Grace Period, it will enter into the Pending Delete period for 5 days. Once a domain reaches this stage, it cannot be redeemed. When this period is over, the domain name will be available for registration on a first come first served basis to anyone that fulfill the eligibility requirements, if any. 

      If you wish to redeem your domain, send a request to support@Nominus.com as soon as possible. Kindly note that redeeming a domain name is a lengthy process; hence it may take up to 5 working days to complete the procedure. The redemption of a domain name includes a one-year renewal.

      Once a domain is redeemed, the operation cannot be reversed. If the domain name is no longer required it may be deleted.
    5. c.Domain Name Deletion.  A domain name may be deleted in two ways, by System Deletion, which means Nominus’ system will automatically delete the domain once the Renewal Grace Period is over; or by Manual Deletion. Manual Deletion may be made by sending a delete request to support@nominus.com within 4 days of registration. Deleting a domain name will immediately stop all services associated with it (e.g.: email, website, etc.) and make it available for registration to third parties.
  1. DNS RECORDS.  Management of DNS Records (A, MX, CNAME) is done through an online interface. The User has control over its domain portfolio, where it can update DNS servers, DNS records (A, MX, CNAME), and configure email and URL forwarding.

    By using Nominus’ DNS servers you will be able to redirect your new domain to an existing website.
  2. PARKING PAGE.  If the user does not enter its own DNS servers or forward the domain to a specific page or internet site, the user authorizes Nominus to use its own DNS servers and parking pages. Nominus reserves the right to suspend its free parking page service at its discretion.
  3. FREE WEB AND E-MAIL SERVICES.  Nominus will endeavor to maintain its web and email services with due care and skill, however, Nominus does not guarantee their availability, uptime, or responsiveness in any way. Nominus will remedy any unavailability of web and email services as soon as it is able, but does not guarantee that any unavailability will be resolved outside of Nominus’ business hours. In addition, Nominus does not guarantee that any web and email services will be fault free or without interruption from time to time. Although we strive to maintain and provide error-free web and e-mail services, Nominus does not provide any warranty regarding the security, privacy, accuracy, or freedom from viruses, or other malicious interference, and such services are provided “as-is”. Nominus reserves the right to suspend its free web and e-mail services at its sole discretion by providing 48 hours advanced notice thereof.