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7 Reasons You Should Register Your Trademark in the U.S.

If you have a business in the United States, you should register your trademark in the U.S. There are many benefits of U.S. trademark registration. One of the major benefits of a trademark is the protection of your intellectual property. This indicates that you can protect your business assets such as business name, logo, and product and prevent other businesses from using them.

You can create a valuable asset when you trademark your logo or design from the country's federal government. Also, you can claim the rights of the assets throughout the country. Trademark will increase your visibility and authority in the market and help your business stand out among competitors. Moreover, with federal trademark registration, you can apply for international registration.

Here are some reasons why you need an American trademark for your business:

1.     Make Your Logo a Valuable Asset

When you are starting a business, you have to purchase various items such as technology, furniture, and marketing materials. Without these items, you might not run a business. But there is another thing that matters, which is a trademark. Trademark is a valuable asset with increasing value, while the value of the other assets in a business increases over time.

This indicates that as your business grows the value of your trademark items also increases. This means that your registered trademark will benefit in the future as well. Also, when you sell the business, the buyer has to pay for the trademark. While reviewing your business plan, many investors check whether you have a trademark on your logo or business.

2.     Use ® Symbol for Authority

A trademark registration gives you the right to use the ® symbol on your products. If you trademarked the business logo, add this symbol to your logo to explain to competitors that you have a trademark registration for the logo. Furthermore, the logo will create an authority in the market and tell consumers that you are a registered business.

3.     Prevent Domain Name Dispute

Trademark registration can save you from a domain name business. Many businesses choose their domain name the same as their business name. Having a different domain name and business name won't put you in an authority position in the market.

When other businesses try to claim your domain name, you can prove your rights to use it. But, without trademark registration, proving your rights can be expensive and challenging. You must show your domain name's advertising, sales, and promotional materials. The legal departments will check the date of first use to decide who will keep the domain name. If you have a Trademark Certification of Registration, proving your rights to use the domain name would be easy.

4.     Apply for International Applications

When you have a trademark registration in the U.S., you can claim and cover any disputes within the country. An unregistered trademark doesn't have this benefit. However, you cannot prevent international infringing goods with U.S. registration. You must have an international trademark if you want to prevent international businesses from using your brand name or logo. In this condition, your U.S. trademark registration can be a springboard to an international application.

5.     Reduce Infringing Goods from the Market

Every business wants to control their business success, but they encounter numerous challenges. These businesses lose control when another business uses a similar logo or name. This can confuse customers, and they might move to a competitor without realizing it. You can reduce infringing goods in the market by creating a trademark in the United States. You can sometimes take legal action against competitors due to infringing goods.

6.     Notify Competitors about Your Rights

Registering your domain name or logo in the U.S. will appear on the USPTO public database. This means you have the right to use these assets for your business. If other businesses will use your registered asset for their promotion, you can take legal action. To avoid this conflict, the competitors will use the public database to check the availability of the asset.

Applicants can research Trademark Electronic Search System or TESS to confirm availability. The sites will prevent your competitors from using your business trademarked assets. The third-party organization regulated by the government will explain your rights to the competitors to prevent any conflict.

7.     Reserve Your Rights for Business Growth

You can restrict your competitors from expanding the business by reserving your rights in the U.S. Since you will have a nationwide trademark for your business name or logo, competitors can't use it for a specific geographic location. If you have senior common law rights, you can restrict your competitors.


Register your trademark in the U.S. for nationwide benefits if you are a US-based company. You can protect your business from infringing goods to save your reputation. Also, you can reserve your national business growth. Moreover, it allows you to stay strong and stand out in the competitive marketplace.