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Start with a brand idea, buy a domain, host it and trademark it

We've got you covered at every step on your path to business success!

Registering domain

Register your domain and establish
your business brand

Secure a domain name that precisely encapsulates your business brand. Utilize our advanced domain search engine to find your perfect fit without delay. We also facilitate hassle-free domain transfers for all TLDs.

Search Your Domain
Registering Hosting

Discover the perfect hosting package
for your domain

Whether you're seeking speed, simplicity, ample storage, or sheer power, we have the perfect solution for you. Select from our diverse range of shared, cloud, or managed WordPress hosting options. Alternatively, bring your personal website to life effortlessly with our user-friendly web builder.

Find Your Hosting
Registering Trademark

Safeguard your business brand with trademark registration

The protection of your business brand isn't complete until you've secured a trademark. Utilize our trademark search engine to verify availability. Register your trademark locally or internationally, ensuring your brand stays uniquely yours.

Begin Trademark Registration
Registering HostingEmails

Add a professional email
and showcase your brand

Impress your customers by sending emails from Get secure, reliable, and private email connected to your domain, complete with business tools and a calendar.

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Why Nominus

Dedicated customer service just for you

Each of our valued customers is assigned a dedicated personal account manager, committed to the successful management of your services. Our team of real people stands ready to assist with any issue. Known for their exceptional knowledge, friendliness, and utmost professionalism, our account managers truly set industry standards.

Your brand: your business's most crucial asset

We strongly believe that safeguarding your brand is paramount to business success. To support this, we offer a comprehensive range of domain ccTLDs and gTLDs to kick-start your brand-building journey from wherever you stand. Moreover, we help secure your business brand with registered trademark protection to prevent any business impersonation.

Quality partners for a quality service

In our persistent quest to deliver top-notch service, we diligently ally ourselves with quality partners who share our vision for excellence. Our trusted network comprises reliable registries, proficient service providers, and skilled trademark attorneys. With the insights gleaned from our two-decade-long experience, we've honed our ability to carefully select only the best partners to serve your unique needs, ensuring a consistently high standard of service.

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 Frequently Asked Questions
How do I register a domain name?

The process is straightforward; you have to:

  1. Search for a domain.
  2. Sign in or create a new account.
  3. Select or enter the domain owner's information.
  4. Select or enter the DNS servers*.
  5. Proceed with payment.

*If you don't have DNS servers, we provide them free of charge. 

What payment options do I have? accepts the following methods of payment: Credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Cirrus) and PayPal.


When can I start using my domain name?

As soon as the domain appears as Registered in your account. If it is still in process, you must wait for the notification email before making any changes.

Can I redirect web traffic from one domain to another?

Yes, you can, and this option is free of charge. We provide two types of domain redirection: 

  • Move Permanently (Redirect 301): Redirect website visitors to another site and show them the destination address. Such redirection will keep the site's search engine rankings.
  • Frame Forwarding: Redirect website visitors to another site, but do not show them the destination address, so they do not know about the redirection.
Can I create an email forwarding for my new domain?

Yes, you can, and this option is free of charge. By using this feature, you can forward the received email messages to an existing email account of your choice. For each domain, you can set up to 5 email forwardings with no additional cost. 

Do you provide DNS servers?

Yes, we do. For a domain name to work, it must be associated with at least two DNS servers. If you don't have DNS servers, we provide them free of charge. With our DNS servers, you can set up email forwarding, create web redirection, and manage DNS records.   


How long does it take for a domain to be registered?

It depends on the domain extension that needs to be registered. Most of the domain extensions are registered in a couple of minutes, but some of them may take longer as the official registry takes time in processing them. If a domain extension takes more than 24 hours to be registered, this will be informed in the link "Registration Requirements". 

Do you offer domain automatic domain renewal?

Yes, we do. By default, all domain names are set to auto-renew before the expiration date. This option can be disabled in the section "My Domains > Active Domains > DomainToUpdate > Settings". Before auto-renewing your domain, we will send you a reminder about this in case you want to disable this option. 

What is your discount policy?

We offer the following discounts for registering your domain for five or more years:

  • 5 to 7 years, 3% discount
  • 8 to 9 years, 5% discount
  • 10 years, 7% discount

The discount is automatically applied to your order when you request your domain through our website.


What is the refund policy?

Once a domain is registered or renewed, no refund can be issued. However, if the registration requires additional information or documentation then we may be able to credit your account. Please contact for more information.

Do I have to register a trademark in every country?

It depends on the nature of your business. International trademark law is very complicated because countries legislate their procedures and economic alliances like the European Union draft geographically encompassing policy. Property rights and trademarks are on based fundamentally on the current laws in your country.

Economic alliances and international conventions often overlap your jurisdictional rulings. Policies and regulations about trademarks in, for example, the European Union apply to all the member states. National or domestic laws thus apply to separate countries but are also influenced by geographical, political, and economic factors. The Republic of Ireland, for example, has laws and practices that mirror the United Kingdom. Similarly, the United States, Canada, and other countries recognize service marks.

You need to review the laws and treaties that pertain to trademarks and other intellectual property rights in your country before you consider other countries in which you do business. We recommend you seek legal counsel when applying for a trademark especially if you have international commercial interests.

Do I have to register a trademark?

Trademarks are a sign of ownership. In other articles, we have explained why a unique mark is critical in a globalized economy. A registered trademark gives you exclusive property rights in compliance with the laws that govern your country or authority where you promote your goods and services. Your mark is registrable if it has a unique and distinctive appearance that is distinguishable from other trademarks. The graphic representation you use to mark your goods and services is also your property.  Register this trademark with the governing body that oversees your business activity to declare your exclusive right of ownership in a formal manner.

You benefit from registering a trademark by securing two fundamental rights:

  • the right to use the mark in transacting business and
  • the right to register/protect that mark.

Depending on your country's laws regarding commerce and property, trademark rights are proven by actively using the trademark in business.  Registering your trademark and using it in commerce within a certain amount of time after formally submitting your application is important. Even though common laws regarding intellectual property differ among countries and administering jurisdictions, we recommend clients register their mark in anticipation of disputes that often arise over claims of ownership especially in foreign markets.

Did you realize that domestic trademark protection helps property owners obtain new registration and trademark protection in territories outside your country? An international trademark is the best way to limit the risk of brand piracy in foreign lands and the importation of illicit goods into your country of origin. Registered trademarks provide owners with leverage to pursue legal action against counterfeiters or infringers who commit brand piracy in both domestic and foreign markets.

When can I use my trademark?

You can use your trademark at any time whether or not it has been officially registered.  We recommend filing your application to register your trademark as soon as possible as many Trademark Offices review the legal claims made by companies on a first filed and first used basis.

Take note that if you are conducting business without a registered trademark, you forfeit the advantages and protections afforded by owning a registered trademark.  You may be conducting business using the same unregistered trademark as another entity and therefore risk having to protect your right to use the mark in a court of law should the other company try to keep you from using the trademark.  Once you file your registration, you do get the benefit of the right to use and the right to conduct business in your Class using the trademark.

We recommend that you file to register your trademark when you plan on using the trademark or are already using the trademark.  Some countries request whether the trademark has already been used at the time of filing.  Many countries will not allow the trademark to become registered until the trademark is used (usually in these cases extensions of time may be requested) and other countries require a statement of use to be submitted several years after the registration has been granted.  

Why is it necessary to register my trademark in more than one territory if I’m based in one country?

Intellectual property law is limited to the country in which you registered your trademark as no country has jurisdiction over another.  If you are operating an enterprise that transacts business online or exports to other countries and territories, you may be putting your trademark, business name, and brand at risk by not registering a priority claim trademark in those territories.  Without registration in those territories, your trademark is not protected and can be used by other entities.

There are three regional organizations that do allow trademark registration that is effective in multiple countries: The European Union (EUIPO), African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO), and the Organization Africaine de la Propriete Intellectuelle (OAPI).

Why Use Amazon’s Brand Registry?

You would like to or already sell products on Amazon but want to ensure you have advantages over other sellers. Amazon has a protection program (updated April, 2017) so that you can protect your trademark exclusively on their site. For example, you may sell a beauty product that you manufacture at home and are concerned that someone may copy your product and packaging. Amazon wants to work with sellers to guard against counterfeit products on their site.


The brand registry protects your intellectual property rights similar to having a registered trademark. Enrolling in the program gives you several advantages.

  1. Protect yourself against trademark theft: when you register your trademark with Amazon, you get help monitoring if someone takes your trademark whether that be product name, product logo, or actual product. If you suspect someone is using your trademark, Amazon will investigate any infringements.
  2. More control over your listing: enrolling in brand registry allows you to put your product line higher in search results and describe your products more according to your preference (such as selecting images, titles, and descriptions of your products).
  3. Create a stronger business relationship: if you want to do business on Amazon, having a closer relationship with them can help you sell more products.
  4. Advantages such as brand protection, better search ranking, and greater listing choices help create a better selling environment.

If you would like to enroll in Amazon’s brand registry you must have a registered word mark. Word marks contain verbal elements without design. If you don’t have a registered trademark yet, you can use a global trade number exemption until you get yours registered. A registered trademark means that you have received formal protection for your logo and/or company name, for the products you offer. For example, your line of socks featuring your own logo and/or company name would be protected on Amazon.


What type of seller can qualify for Amazon’s program? A variety of sellers can offer products with this program including those who:

  • Make their own product
  • Produce a private or white label brand
  • Distributors
  • Traditional manufacturers

To enroll in the program, you must provide the required information including the name and information of the seller. After you are enrolled, you can add additional names as well as their roles in relation to your company list. For example, if you register your product line under your name, you can add your marketing director to your registry information later on.

Contact us for more information about registering your trademark. If you already have your trademark registered with us, we can assist you with the Amazon verification code.

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