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Anycast DNS Servers
Anycast DNS Servers
Manage your DNS zones in our admin panel. Anycast DNS servers reduce latency, improve uptime, and protect against DNS flood DDoS attacks.
Email Forwarding
Email Forwarding
Enable this feature to forward the received email messages to an existing email account of your choice.
Web Redirection
Web Redirection
You can redirect your domain to any website you want. Select between a move permanently redirection or a frame forwarding.
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During this stage, we receive your domain application for the standard price. Your domain application is filed the moment the extension is open for registration.
News and Articles
How To Register a .AU Domain Name: A Quick Guide

Explore the numerous benefits of obtaining a .AU domain name, including enhanced local online presence and improved security. By selecting the appropriate domain name and type, fulfilling necessary requirements, and collaborating with a reliable .AU registrar, you can swiftly register your desired .AU domain name.

How to Register a Local .JP Domain Name in Japan

When expanding your reach, you can’t miss out on Japan. Japan  is one of the most influential markets in Asia and is home to countless generous and loyal customers. A .JP domain name can greatly benefit your business. Discover how to register a .JP domain in our blog post.

Why Register a .CA Domain in Canada

Canada remains one of the top economies of the world. Aside from its stable economy, it also has low corporate tax rates and low crime rates, making it more attractive to business owners and foreign investors. 

How .BR Domain Conflict Resolution Works

The article examine Brazil's .BR domain conflict resolution, managed by NIC.br & Registro.br. It covers dispute causes, resolution techniques, common dispute grounds, initiation, decision-making, remedies, enforcement, and the role of this process in preserving a reliable .BR domain space.

How .CL Domain Conflict Resolution works?

In this article, we explore .CL Domain Conflict Resolution in Chile, managed by NIC Chile. We cover everything from filing complaints to mediation and arbitration. We also provide a detailed guide for submitting disputes. Gain a clear understanding of the Chilean domain landscape.


How the .AR Domain Conflict Resolution works?

Explore Argentina's .AR domain conflict resolution process. Learn how to file a complaint, mediate, arbitrate, and enforce decisions, guided by Argentina's NIC. This post outlines the path to resolving digital disputes, protecting the rights of individuals and businesses.