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How the .AR Domain Conflict Resolution works?


In Argentina's digital landscape, domain disputes, influenced by trademark issues and cybersquatting, are rising. The .ar domain conflict resolution, managed by NIC Argentina, ensures fairness and transparency in resolving these issues. As the internet reshapes online identities, domain name clashes increase. NIC Argentina's resolution process addresses these disputes, protecting intellectual property and ensuring a trustworthy digital space for businesses and individuals.

Filing a Complaint

The initiation of the .ar domain conflict resolution process begins with filing a formal complaint on the La Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos (AFIP) website. Claimants must showcase a legitimate right or interest in the disputed domain. Grounds for disputes range from cybersquatting, where domains are registered with bad faith intent, to domain name similarity leading to potential user confusion. NIC Argentina requires comprehensive information and supporting evidence to substantiate the claim and commence the resolution process.

Mediation and Resolution

The second phase of the .ar domain conflict resolution process ushers in the opportunity for amicable resolution through mediation. With its voluntary nature, mediation serves as a diplomatic channel for parties to engage in open dialogue, explore common ground, and seek a mutually agreeable solution. This phase is a testament to the commitment of NIC Argentina to facilitate harmonious outcomes while reducing the burden of formal arbitration.
Upon receiving the complaint, NIC Argentina, the esteemed custodian of Argentina's digital landscape, extends an invitation to both parties to engage in mediation. It is here that the power of dialogue takes center stage. Both the claimant, who has raised their concern, and the respondent, who holds the domain under question, are invited to collaboratively seek a resolution that respects their rights and addresses their concerns. This process, while guided by neutrality, allows the voices of the parties to be heard, fostering an environment where understanding and compromise can flourish.


In the event that mediation does not yield a resolution, the dispute escalates to formal arbitration, where NIC Argentina steps in as the custodian of fairness and impartiality. This phase engages a panel of expert arbitrators, chosen for their deep understanding of domain-related matters and their ability to adjudicate complex disputes. These arbitrators hold the responsibility of meticulously examining the evidence presented by both parties, guided by a commitment to render a binding decision that upholds the integrity of the .ar domain space.
Arbitration is characterized by its rigor and meticulousness. Expert panels diligently evaluate the facts, scrutinize the assertions, and weigh the evidence to arrive at a verdict that is not only legally sound but also aligned with the principles of equity. This phase underscores NIC Argentina's dedication to promoting transparency and resolving disputes without recourse to traditional legal proceedings. By offering a fair and impartial arena for the resolution of domain conflicts, arbitration stands as a beacon of trust within the digital realm, ensuring that rightful ownership prevails while upholding the values of integrity and ethical conduct in the .ar domain space.

Enforcement of the Decision

Once the arbitration panel issues its binding decision, NIC Argentina takes on the critical role of enforcing the decision. Enforcement involves the translation of the arbitration decision into tangible actions. Depending on the outcome, this could entail the transfer of the disputed domain to the rightful claimant, the cancellation of the domain's registration, or other measures that align with the verdict. NIC Argentina's active role in this phase solidifies its position as a trusted steward of the digital domain, ensuring that the rightful ownership is upheld and that the resolution is more than a mere formality. By translating decisions into actions, NIC Argentina ensures that the .ar domain space remains a realm where ethics, equity, and accountability converge seamlessly, bolstering the foundation of a secure and reputable digital landscape in Argentina. 


In essence, the .ar domain conflict resolution process stands as a testament to NIC Argentina's unwavering commitment to cultivating a digital landscape founded on principles of integrity and fairness. As Argentina's digital horizon continues to expand, the significance of a reliable domain space becomes increasingly paramount. This process, meticulously choreographed through phases of complaint, mediation, arbitration, and enforcement, serves as a beacon of equilibrium in a realm marked by diverse interests and digital ambitions.

By adopting a structured approach to dispute resolution, NIC Argentina not only manages conflict but also fosters a culture of cooperation and ethical behavior. Through each stage, from the filing of a complaint to the enforcement of a decision, the process underscores the power of principles over formalities. Ultimately, the .ar domain conflict resolution process stands as a resolute testament to the harmonious coexistence of technology, legality, and ethical values, ensuring that Argentina's digital domain remains a secure, reputable, and equitable space for all who seek to establish their presence and protect their intellectual property.

Step-by-Step Guide to Filing a Complaint with NIC.AR

In order for this process to proceed, it is necessary to meet these four conditions:

  • Start the procedure on the AFIP website. (

  • Complete the form justifying your request

  • Attach the documentation that supports the request

  • Pay the corresponding fee

The steps for filing a complaint are:

  1. Enter Remote Procedures and log in from the AFIP option with your CUIT/CUIL No. and Fiscal Code Level 2 or higher. If you represent a Human or Legal Person, click on the drop-down menu on the left and choose from the list the name of the person, company or organization that will carry out the process. If it is not on the list, it means that you are not its agent. In order to carry out procedures on your behalf, you must be empowered by following the steps in the instructions for Human or Legal Entities, as appropriate.

  2. ​Within Organism, you will find the procedures of NIC Argentina. Select the Operations on domains option and click Start Procedure.

  3. Place the domain name in the Search Engine, choose the area and click Consult. If the domain is NOT available, click Dispute.

  4. Verify the data and click Continue.

  5. Complete the form indicating if you want to dispute the domain in its own right or on behalf of the interested party. You also have to indicate the domain name and justify your request. For this you have 250 characters available. If necessary, you can attach a note in the next step.

  6. Attach the documentation that you consider supports your best right or legitimate interest in the domain.

  7. Next:

    1. Check the billing information from Your data. If necessary, you can modify them by clicking on Edit.

    2. Verify that the domain name is the one you want to dispute from Order. Otherwise, you can cancel the process. For this, go to My procedures and there to Pending tasks. Then, click on the three-dot button for the procedure in question and select the Cancel option. Keep in mind that it is not possible to revoke procedures once paid.

    3. Finally, select the Means of payment.