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Generic Domains

Find key information to help you pick the right generic domain for your business. Why and how to register a .com .net .org .app .online & more.

New .NEXUS Domain Extension: Explore Everything You Need to Know

The new .nexus top-level domain lets you make a unique space on the internet. We'll discuss how using .nexus can help your brand get noticed online and share some key tips on registering your .nexus domain successfully. 

May 10

How to Get a .NYC Domain Name for Your Website

.NYC, exclusive to New York, provides a unique digital identity for individuals and entities connected to the city. It allows businesses to utilize their location, differentiate, and boost their SEO ranking, enhancing their local and global reach.


March 09

Buying Domain Names for Your Business: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

A good domain name is essential for building a successful website, as it can set a brand apart and improve SEO and conversions. However, most businesses only realize they have a bad domain name after registering it. Brands should avoid common mistakes when purchasing a domain name to avoid the hassle of rebranding in the future.

February 26

Examples of Winning Domain Names for the Tech Companies

You should always have a clear idea regarding choosing the best domain name for your tech company. The extension will help you define your business in the tech industry and customers can easily find you online with the right extension and domain name.

January 10

FAQs and Information About Domains

Boosting website traffic is essential, with effective domain management playing a pivotal role. Domains and their proper handling are key to online success. Thus, understanding their operation and related terms is vital in numerous web-focused roles.

December 30

Steps to choose your domain name when the one you love is not available

To choose a new domain name, you can include plenty of additional details and make sure that it is relevant to your brand and country.  If you want the domain that was taken you can buy it from the owner or use our techniques to start from scratch.

November 15

Launching of .KIDS Domain: A Safe Online Space for Children

The Launch of the .kids domain extension started in August 2022. The .kids extension, supported by various premier children’s rights advocates and organizations, will be children-centric. The .kids extension aims to provide safe web space for children and teens.

September 22

Choosing the Right Domain Name and Why It's Important for Your Business

Having the right domain name is important for businesses. It builds your brand identity and gives you credibility. However, coming up with a unique domain name is often challenging. You have to consider factors like availability, keywords, and trademarks.

July 02

A History of Websites and the World Wide Web

By the mid-1990s, the Internet was still mostly the domain of scientists, academics, and researchers, and it would take a handful of years for the general public to come around to the Web's potential. Soon, social media websites, mobile devices, and dynamic content would transform the Web into its current form.

April 18