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Looking to know which and what is the best web hosting service for your business? Learn more with articles, guides, and reviews to optimize your website.

What Is the Most Visited Website in the World?

Explore the top websites by category in our blog article, featuring data from Semrush.com. Discover global leaders like Google.com, YouTube.com, and Facebook.com, as well as popular sites in industries like hotels, marketing, and entertainment. 

Computer Skills: Coding Courses and Games

Learn the basics of coding and take your computer skills to the next level with our range of coding courses and games! From introductory tutorials to advanced software engineering resources, unlock your potential with our library of interactive experiences.

Computer Skills: Learn to Touch Type

Touch typing is a skill that is essential to using a computer efficiently and productively. Learning this skill will help improve your performance in different professional activities. Luckily the internet has plenty of learning aids designed for beginners of all ages! 

What Are Anycast DNS Servers?

Anycast DNS is an innovative addressing system that connects multiple servers with the same IP address. There are good reasons why they are desirable to businesses. They offer benefits to the customers the increase performance and also, they are easy to manage.

A Glossary of Domain Terms

The Internet is a vast sea of information where people go to find ideas, images, services, and more. Whether it's a business website or a personal blog, interested parties must be able to find and access it. For this reason, people need to understand domains and how they work. Learning the terminology is one of the best ways to start.

Computer and Internet Safety for the Whole Family

The Internet is best used when enriching our lives, but it can also cause harm, which is why there has never been a better time to talk to the whole family about how to stay safe online.

A Beginner's Guide to Setting Up and Hosting Your Own Website and Domain

Setting up a website can feel like a daunting task, however, there are many tools and templates available to help people with very little coding or Internet knowledge to make a great website.

All About the Father of the Computer: Charles Babbage

The history of computing is filled with influential men and women, all of whom contributed to the state of technology today. Charles Babbage's accomplishments, both practical and theoretical, established some of the standards and processes that influenced the advancement of (computer) technology for decades to come.

Cyberbullying: A Guide to Internet and Computer Safety

Anyone who spends time online may eventually come into contact with people who use technology to harras victims. This activity is known as cyberbullying, and it is often against the law. Awareness of cyberbulling also helps ensure that kids don't inadvertently engage in this hurtful behavior against other kids.