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Computer Skills: Learn to Touch Type

Typing is a vital skill in today's world. It's just as important as handwriting in a lot of ways. Throughout a person's life, they will do a lot of typing! Never before have so many people needed to type so much. Even texting, answering a direct message, or sending a quick email from a smartphone requires the user to know how to navigate a keyboard and type quickly.

Computer keyboards, though, are still a vital part of modern life.Students need to use them to write reports and complete assignments. Being able to type quickly and accurately helps reduce anxiety about schoolwork and can help students get their work done more efficiently.

Once people become adults their typing needs only increase. For example, office workers need to know how to type so they can write memos, answer emails, and send out official letters. However, all adults should know how to type regardless of their profession. So many forms are now only available online.

Many job applications require online submissions, as do applications for apartments, bank accounts, and even utilities. Knowing how to type is a life skill that impacts a person's personal, academic, and professional life. Luckily the internet has plenty of touch-type tutorials, games, tests, and other learning aids designed for beginners of all ages!

  • Alphabet Shoot: With over thirty levels of gameplay, typists improve their typing knowledge while destroying their enemies!

  • Animated Tutorials: Animation makes everything more fun and certainly makes keyboard tutorials more entertaining.

  • Beginner Typing Lesson 1a: Never typed before but ready to learn? The basics are very well laid out in this course.

  • Big Brown Bear Typing Game: Kids and adults will enjoy this game designed to increase speed and correctness.

  • Computing KS2 - Dance Mat Typing: Learning to type capital letters and punctuation is an important part of becoming a great keyboarder!

  • Fast Fingers: Drills, competitions, and tests all help people improve their typing capabilities.

  • Free Online Typing Tutor: Learning to touch type is easy with this free online typing simulator.

  • Free Typing Practice For Kids: The keyboard is broken into sections so kids can learn to type without being overwhelmed.

  • Free Typing Test: Some job applications ask how many words per minute the applicant can type. This test will provide the answer!

  • Good Typing: Over the course of twenty-seven lessons, new typists turn into proficient keyboard masters!

  • The Importance of Keyboarding for Students: Some kids and parents don't understand why typing skills are a must-have in today's world.

  • Introduction to Typing: Practice drills are a great way to improve typing speed and accuracy.

  • Keyboard Climber: Type the letter on the screen to help the monkey climb up as quickly as possible.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows: Knowing keyboard shortcuts means not having to reach for the mouse to do basic functions on the computer.

  • Keyboarding Skills: Building a Strong Foundation: The ability to use a mouse correctly is an underappreciated part of being a good keyboardist.

  • Keyboarding Zoo: Elementary school-aged kids will love learning to type by playing this fun game set in a zoo.

  • Kid's Balloon Typing Game: Players burst bubbles by typing the correct letter.

  • Learn How to Touch Type: Learning to touch type requires learning to rest the fingers on the keyboard's home row.

  • Ninja Vs Zombies: Another fun way to learn to type is by playing this game and beating the zombies!

  • Nitro Type: Love racing cars? Beat the competition to the finish line by being the fastest typer!

  • Preventing RSI: People who type a lot are at risk of developing repetitive stress injuries.

  • Proper Typing Posture: Posture is an essential part of typing!

  • Typing Attack: Making learning to type into a game helps reluctant typers improve their skills.

  • Typing Cat Courses: Basic typing courses are available for free and suitable for teens and adults looking to increase their typing speed.

  • Typing Club: A very visual tutorial for people new to keyboarding helps all people improve their typing abilities.

  • Typing Exercise: The Finger Upper-Downer: Good typers use specific fingers for each letter on the keyboard.

  • Typing Practice - Animals: Animal lovers will enjoy improving their typing skills by typing the name of various animals!

  • Typing Test: Taking frequent tests allows users to track their progress while learning to type.

  • Typing Tutorial: GCFGlobal offers helpful feedback to users who work through this tutorial designed for adult beginners.

  • Typetastic: Typetastic organizes lessons by user age, making it easy for kids to find age-appropriate online lessons to help them learn!

  • The Vehicles Typing: Kids will enjoy this app where they control a car by typing correctly, and along the way, become typists who make fewer mistakes and type faster.