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Rick Crandon

Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager at Nominus.com, Rick leads a team of marketing and advertising professionals, from a project’s development to implementation. One of his key roles is directly communicating with senior management and providing direction to Nominus’ marketing efforts.

Previously, Rick was directly involved with a multi-national company specializing in global trademark and domain registration services. As a trademark consultant, he was part of a team of account managers offering fast, personalized, and quality trademark management services to their clients. He was especially involved with trademark registration, management, renewal, legal services, and intellectual property.

Brief Biography

I am a true-blue Miamian, born and raised. Miami is a melting pot of various ethnic groups and a destination for tourists and immigrants. This environment has made us naturally multilingual, with a Spanglish-speaking culture at the center of it all.

The people and culture of Miami are known for their openness, service orientation, and care for each other. These are important qualities to possess in Miami, one of the top cities with an accessible environment for business and a high rating for startups.

These factors ultimately attracted me to the business sector. Specifically, I developed a keen interest in global trade and its crucial role in ending poverty worldwide. My curiosity eventually led me to Florida International University (FIU), where I took up International Business.

My studies at FIU introduced me to international marketing, trade, and entrepreneurship. I learned about emerging opportunities and acquired the skills to take advantage of them. FIU helped me understand cross-border issues—political, economic, social, and legal—and helped me develop an arsenal of tried and tested business strategies to deal with them.

The biggest trend in international business during my time at FIU was the internationalization of businesses and economies. At the same time, information technology (IT) began to grow drastically.

I began to see just how instrumental IT and information, in general, was going to be for the business industry. Information is essentially a business asset—and like any other asset, it also requires legal protection.

My Current Goals

My goal in this role is to place Nominus at the forefront of domain and trademark registration services through effective ad and marketing campaigns. Increasing our brand awareness can help your business. Learn more about our offerings so that you can also protect your assets and resolve any challenges involving IP.

It is my mission to help all global companies—both startups and multinationals—to establish themselves across different countries without the fear of losing their creative and intellectual rights along the way. But most importantly, my goals are to make sure that these companies know the importance of IP protection to their work and that I can use, protect, and police their trademarks.