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A Comprehensive Guide to .PA Top Level Domain

.pa is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of the nation of Panama. A country in Central America, Panama is home to over 4.3 million people. The domain extension and second-level domains (SLDs) under it are pretty popular in the country.

This article lists the SLDs available and their registration requirements. It also provides details on what can be registered under the TLD.

What Does the .PA TLD Represent?

The .pa TLD represents the digital identity of the country of Panama, its government, businesses, and citizens. It’s administered by the National Information Center (NIC) Panama, which maintains the registry of all domains ending in .pa. It also sets the rules for the registration of domains under this TLD.

The domain extension .pa is popular in the country, with organizations of all sizes and niches using it to establish connection with the Panamian audience. However, it should be noted that "PA" is also the abbreviation of the US state of Pennsylvania, used in postal addresses. However, Pennsylvania doesn’t own or use the TLD .pa.

Timeline of Key Developments for the .PA TLD

Here’s a timeline of the main events and milestones related to the TLD .pa of Panama:





The TLD .pa was introduced for the first time in the country.


The registration of domains under .pa was designated to the Technological University of Panama (UTP) by Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA).


NIC was assigned responsibility for administering the registration of domains in partnership with UTP in August.


The number of registered .pa domains crossed 10,000.

What SLDs Can Be Registered in Panama, and What Are the Requirements?

NIC oversees the registration of second and third-level domains under the .pa TLD. Here are the SLDs offered and allowed under .pa and their respective requirements:

  • This SLD is reserved for educational and research institutes in Panama. They must provide registration documentation to request this domain. 

  • This SLD is reserved for educational institutions, such as schools, universities, and vocational training schools. Documentation is required to prove the institute’s status as educational.

  • This SLD is intended only for government entities of Panama. Applicant must provide evidence of government affiliation.

  • This subdomain is only for healthcare institutions, such as clinics, hospitals, medical centers, or laboratories. Documentation of registration/accreditation is required.

  • This SLD is designated for non-profit organizations in Panama and must provide registration documentation to prove so.

  • This SLD is intended for Internet service providers in the country and other web companies such as hosting providers.

  • This SLD is for commercial entities in Panama.

  • This SLD is only for natural persons.

  • This SLD is only for engineers. A license is required.

  • This SLD is only for legal professionals. A license is required.

  • This SLD is only for doctors. A license is required.

What Can Be Registered Under .PA TLD?

The syntax rules for domain names under the .pa TLD are pretty standard. Here’s what the domain name can include:

  • Latin alphabets (a to z)

  • Arabic numerals (0 to 9)

  • Hyphen (-)

Here’s what it can’t have:

  • Hyphen at the first and last position of the character combination

  • Hyphen at the third and fourth position, or consecutively twice at any position.

  • Accented letters (internationalized characters)

  • Obscene terms

The length of the second and third-level domain names must be as follows:

  • Minimum length: 2 characters

  • Maximum length: 63 characters

Who Can Register a .PA Domain?

Any natural or legal person, national or foreigner, can register a .pa domain. However, for third-level domain names under SLDs like,, and, appropriate documentation must be provided.

There’s no restriction on the number of domains a person or organization can register, as per NIC Panama.

The server the domain points to can be located in any country, with the exception of domains ending in These governmental domains must point to a server located in Panama.

Why Register a .PA Domain?

Registering a domain with the .pa ccTLD (country code Top-Level Domain) offers a multifaceted advantage for individuals and organizations. Here’s why you should consider opting for a .pa domain:

1. Local appeal:

Targeting the audience in Panama? A .pa domain name seamlessly connects your brand with the local market, enhancing recognition and recall among Panamanian residents. It makes your website address more intuitive and memorable for the local audience.

2. SEO benefits:

Embarking on a journey with a .pa domain can significantly enhance your SEO efforts. This localized domain name has the potential to elevate your website's position on search engine result pages (SERPs), especially when aiming for prominence in Panama-centric searches.

3. Brand enhancement and creativity:

Beyond localization, a .pa domain opens doors to innovative branding opportunities. Utilize it for clever domain hacks, turning an ordinary domain into a creative web address. For instance, instead of "", manifest uniqueness with "". This creative freedom allows for short, memorable, and impactful domains that stand out.

4. Enhanced availability:

Struggling to secure your desired name with common extensions like .com, .net, or .biz? The .pa domain offers a refreshing breadth of availability, allowing you to select a domain name that resonates with your brand without compromises.

5. Branding opportunities:

The .pa domain isn’t solely about geographical identification—it’s a canvas for branding artistry. By opting for a .pa domain, you unveil opportunities to craft domain names that are concise, compelling, and convenient. For example, "" could be an ideal choice for a movie theatre, leveraging brevity and relevance to forge a strong brand identity.

How Many .PA Domains Have Been Registered?

As of July 2023, over 14,000 domains under the TLD .pa have been registered with NIC Panama. Here are the statistics leading up to July 2023:






The .pa TLD represents Panama and is mostly used by Panamian organizations and residents. However, the TLD is open to foreigners as well, with a few exceptions.

Registering a .pa domain only requires a few easy steps. You can easily find a domain name of your choice under .pa and cater to the local audience of Panama. Make sure that the domain name is available and doesn’t violate the syntax rules set by NIC Panama.