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A Guide to the .EC Top Level Domain

If you’re looking to register a domain name with a .ec domain extension, you should understand what it represents and what benefits it may offer. The top-level domain (TLD) .ec belongs to Ecuador, a country in South America with over 17.5 million residents.

Registering a .ec domain is easy if you know the requirements and conditions. This article will provide all the details about who can register, what can be registered, and what’s off-limits. You can also find many second-level domains (SLDs) under .ec.

What Does the .EC TLD Represent?

.ec is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Ecuador. It represents the country on the web, with most sites boasting this domain extension.

The National Information Center (NIC) of Ecuador administers the registry of the TLD. It also provides the rules and requirements for registration of domain names with the TLD and subsequent SLDs.

Timeline of Key Developments for the .EC TLD

Here’s a timeline of the events related to the development and adoption of the .ec TLD in Ecuador:





The domain extension .ec was created.


EcuaNet, an Internet service provider, was established.


The first sports website in Ecuador and South America was created.


The number of registered .ec domains reaches 14,205.


Categories for .ec domains were reclassified with new requirements for SLDs.

What SLDs Can Be Registered in Ecuador, and What Are the Requirements?

NIC Ecuador has classified the TLD .ec and associated SLDs into various categories. While most are unrestricted, one category of special SLDs has special requirements.

Here are the different categories of SLDs under .ec TLD:


These are commercial and general-purpose SLDs that can be registered by anyone without any required documentation. However, each SLD has an intended use. Here are the commercial category SLDs:

  • (General/commercial)

  • (Telecommunication and Internet)

  • (Bars and cafes)

  • (Discos and clubs)

  • (Documents/publications)

  • (Photography)

  • (General information)

  • (Publishing)

  • (Technology)

Special (Restricted)

These restricted SLDs can only be registered by specific organizations or their representatives. The requirements include appropriate documentation showing accreditation or registration. Here are the special SLDs under .ec:

  • This is reserved only for educational institutes in Ecuador.

  • This is reserved for non-profit organizations in Ecuador.

  • and These are reserved for government agencies/departments and public institutes in Ecuador.

  • This is reserved for the military in Ecuador.

  • This is reserved for financial entities accredited by the Superintendency of Banks of Ecuador.

  • This is reserved for the tourism department and companies.


These are SLDs intended for professionals with a university degree endorsed by SENECYT.

  • (Business Administrator)

  • (Agronomical Engineers)

  • (Architects)

  • (Chef or culinary expert)

  • (Certified accountant)

  • (General physician)

  • (Marketing Professional)

  • (Nutritionist)

  • (Orthodontist)

  • (All professionals)

  • (Psychologists)

  • (Psychiatrist)

  • (Public relations expert)

  • (Veterinarians)


These SLDs are intended for Ecuadorian cities and regions.

  • (Guayaquil)

  • (Quito)

  • (Cuenca)

  • .rio.ed (Riobamba)

  • (Galapagos)

What Can Be Registered Under the .EC TLD?

The domain name under the .ec TLD must follow the below rules:

  • It can contain alphabets (a to z), numbers (0-9), and hyphen (-).

  • Internationalized characters with accents are not yet allowed.

  • It can’t have a hyphen at the start or end of the name or two times consecutively anywhere in the name.

  • The domain name can be indecent or violate Ecuadorian laws. Also, it can’t have standard Internet like www, ftp, or email.

There are also restrictions on the length of the domain name:

  • For second-level domain names, the minimum length is four characters, and the maximum is 65 characters.

  • For third-level domain names, the minimum length is three characters, and the maximum is 65 characters.

NIC recommends 25 characters or less for the convenience of users.

Who Can Register a .EC Domain?

Ecuador has not set restrictions on the registration of domains with its ccTLD. In other words, any individual or legal entity can register a .ec domain. Only the special and professional SLDs have requirements which must be satisfied at the time of registration.

There’s no Ecuadorian mailing address requirement, so people and companies outside the country can also register a .ec domain.

Why Register a .EC Domain?

Registering a domain name with a TLD that represents a country is a common way to establish a link with that country and its people. So, when adopting a domain with a .ec extension, you show that you’re linked with Ecuador. It can be a way to localize your website, whether running a business, non-profit, or another entity. Other reasons why you may consider buying a domain with .ec extension include:

  • Brand synergy: If your business or project name concludes with "ec", registering a .ec domain becomes a strategic advantage. For instance, domains such as “"“", or “” are not only streamlined and professional but also cultivate a memorable digital identity. This alignment between your brand name and domain enhances recognition, making it easier for the audience to remember and engage with your site.

  • Geographic relevance: Utilizing a .ec domain fosters a compelling connection with Ecuador, making businesses and entities resonate more with the local audience. This tactic is pivotal for capturing and nurturing a dedicated market segment within the country.

  • SEO optimization: The .ec domain helps in fine-tuning your website for local search queries within Ecuador, bolstering visibility and organic traffic. Enhancing local search rankings facilitates a more dynamic connection with a localized audience.

  • Regulatory compliance: Aligning with a .ec domain ensures adherence to Ecuadorian regulations on domain names. Such compliance fortifies your online presence’s credibility and integrity within the local digital ecosystem.

  • Domain availability: Leveraging the .ec extension opens avenues to a versatile range of available domain names, promoting creative and strategic alignment with your brand or professional identity.

  • Versatile sub-domain options: A .ec domain unveils a variety of second-level domain (SLD) options. These SLDs can be customized to mirror your business or profession more clearly and relevantly, enhancing digital clarity and resonance.

How Many .EC Domains Have Been Registered?

As of October 2023, a total of 46,000 domains under .ec TLD have been registered, according to a Whois Search.

Here are the number of .ec domain registrations in the past 12 months:





The .ec TLD is representative of the digital landscape of Ecuador. It’s used mostly by Ecuadorians and foreign entities operating in the company. The country has made registering a .ec domain easy, with no residency requirements for the TLD and most SLDs. If you run a business in Ecuador, it can be beneficial to have a web address with .ec extension.