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An Introduction to the .VE Top Level Domain

.ve is the country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Venezuela, a country of over 30 million people. The domain extension is widely used in the country, particularly by government agencies and other public institutes.

This article will tell you everything you need to know before registering a .ve domain. From the syntax rules under .ve TLD to all the allowed second-level domains (SLDs), and we’ll answer all your questions.

What Does the .VE TLD Represent?

.ve is the official domain extension of Venezuela, representing the country on the World Wide Web. The Comision Nacional de Telecomunicaciones or National Information Center (NIC) Venezuela administers the domain's registry. NIC is overseen by the National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL).

The TLD is prevalent mainly in Venezuela. Registrations are available at the second level and third level (restriced and unrestricted categories).

Domain names can only be registered at the third level using one of the choices of SLDs under the .ve TLD.

Domain name registration at the second level is not yet allowed. Domains names under TLD .ve at the second level are used exclusively by the Central University of Venezuela, the Simon Bolivar University, and the University of the Andes.

Timeline of the Key Developments for the .VE TLD

Here’s a rundown of the key events and milestones related Venezuela’s TLD:




The TLD .ve was created.


By Presidential Decree, access to and use of the internet is declared a top priority for the country, and the Ministry of Science and Technology is delegated the development of academic, scientific, and cultural materials to advance information technologies.


Internationalized domain names (IDNs) are made available for .ve domains, allowing the use of characters specific to the Spanish language, such as á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, and ñ.


The National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL) assumed the administration and management of the Information Center of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela's Network (, a role previously held by the National Center for Information Technology (CNTI), an organization also under the Ministry of Popular Power for Telecommunications and Informatics.


The Ministry of Popular Power for Telecommunications and Informatics was abolished, and CONATEL’s administration moves to the Ministry of Popular Power for Communication and Information (MINCI).


48,000 web domains were distributed, with over 36,000 having extension


Domain registration and renewal rules are subject to the National Domain Name Plan, released by CONATEL. It’s the first internal regulation regarding domain names in the country.


The number of registered .ve domains crossed 24,000.


What SLDs Can Be Registered in Venezuela, and What Are the Requirements?

As registration at the second level of .ve isn’t allowed, you’ll have to register a name at third level using an SLD. The SLDs under the .ve TLD are divided into restricted and unrestricted categories. For the former, a domain name at the third level can be registered without any restrictions.

Here are the unrestricted SLDs:

  • (Intended for commercial entities)

  • (Intended for commercial entities/websites originally .com ported to Venezuelan Spanish)

  • (Intended for informational websites)

  • (Intended for artistic and cultural institutions)

  • (Intended for network/Internet service providers)

  • (Intended for non-profit organizations)

  • (Intended for radio stations)

  • (Intended for individuals)

Here are the restricted SLDs under which the registration at third-level requires special documentation:

  • and (Only for government branches, agencies, institutes, projects, etc.)

  • (Only for educational institutes registered in Venezuela)

  • (Only for armed forces in Venezuela)

  • (Only for University of Technology)

What Can Be Registered Under the .VE TLD?

Domain names at third level under the .ve TLD can include the following:

  • Latin alphabets (a to z)

  • Arabic numbers (0 to 9)

  • Hyphen (-) but not at the beginning or end of the character combination or twice consecutively

  • Internationalized characters including á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, and ñ

As for the length of the domain name, it can range from two to 63 characters.

Who Can Register a .VE Domain?

Any natural or legal person can apply to register a .ve domain. However, when registering a domain name under a restricted SLD, documentation may be required.

Both locals and foreigners can register a .ve domain without necessarily needing a mailing address in Venezuela.

Why Register a .VE Domain?

Registering a domain name under the .ve TLD can signal a link with the country. If a business or organization is operating in the country, using a domain ending in,, or another extension, can establish a connection with the country.

It will also make it easier for the local audience to find the website, as .ve domain extension is common in Venezuela.

Furthermore, using ccTLD in domain names may also benefit ranking on search engines. While it’s not the only factor used by search engine algorithms, it can help boost ranking.

It’s best to choose a .ve SLD according to the nature of your website. For instance, if you’re a non-profit organization, is the best choice.

How Many .VE Domains Are Active?

As of July 2023, the number of registered .ve domains is 23,534. Most of these domains end with the extension, as it’s the most popular SLD, suitable for a wide range of entities. Here’s the data for the past 12 months:



The .ve TLD represents Venezuela and makes up a part of its digital identity. Many companies operating in the country, including international subsidiaries, use .ve extensions. Registering a .ve domain requires only a few steps. You may even find a domain name of your choice easily compared to generic TLDs.