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How to Register an .IT Domain Name in Italy

Table of Content

What is an .IT Domain Name?
Why Choose an .IT Domain?
Choose the Perfect Domain Name
What Types of .IT Domain Names Available?
What are the Eligibility Requirements for Registering an .IT Domain Name
FAQs About .IT Domain Registration
Managing Your .IT Domain Registration and Renewal
Why Choose Nominus as Your Domain Registrar?


In the digital age, crafting and cultivating an online presence is imperative, especially for businesses operating within distinct geographical territories, such as Italy. If your goal is to deeply resonate with your Italian customer base and establish a strong local identity for your brand, the registration of a .it domain name can be a powerful asset. Yet, it's also gaining traction among tech innovators, who recognize the value of  IT as a platform for innovative branding opportunities.

In this comprehensive guide to registering an .it domain, we will look at several aspects such as: What is an .it domain name? Why choose an .it domain? How to check for availability? and What are the eligibility requirements?

What is an .IT Domain Name?

A website's domain name serves as its individual address. It comprises a website name followed by the domain name extension. Italy's internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is represented by the abbreviation "it". The management of .it domain registration in Italy is handled by the Italian Registry for Internet Domains (
In today's digital landscape, conveying a local presence with a ccTLD such as an .it domain brings several benefits:

  • Boost local credibility: instill confidence in your customers.

  • Facilitate purchases: make vour website easier to find for visitors.

  • Geographical differentiation: Stand out in a specific region.

  • Industry significance: Choose an .it domain to highlight focus on IT.

  • SEO: Improve search engine rankings in the targeted country.

  • Language and localization: Create tailored content for local users.

  • Compliance: Meet local regulations and legal requirements.

  • Brand protection: Prevent misuse of the domain.

Why Choose an .IT Domain?

Having an Italian domain extension (.it) effectively communicates the rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship, excellence, and the legacy of family-owned businesses. Italy's global acclaim for producing high-quality products makes it a premier choice for individuals and businesses seeking a robust online presence and local brand promotion. Widely favored across Europe as well as in Italy, .it domains offer a valuable avenue for both local and global companies aiming to establish a foothold in the Italian market, conveying professionalism and signifying a strong dedication to their Italian customers.
Yet, it offers so much more than geographic specificity. While generic TLDs remain popular, alternatives such as .it (Italy) are becoming increasingly sought after, particularly among tech innovators that recognize the importance of having a compelling online presence. Consider for a moment the multitude of words and terms that culminate in "it". From "commit" to "transmit", "outfit", and  "benefit", or other clever wordplays such as "", "", "", or "". Combined with its potential for promoting Information Technology, this two-letter amalgamation can serve as a versatile marketing tool, leveraging creative branding opportunities. With a touch of imagination, you can seamlessly embed your brand identity into a concise web address.
Several foreign companies have harnessed the potential of an .it domain. As well as the global leaders such as Google and Amazon, other globally renowned companies companies such as Sony and Dell have established a localized presence to connect with Italian consumers effectively. receives over 3.5m page views a month, while receives 2.5m (source: Similarweb), counting them among Italy's most popular websites and underscoring the significant advantages of .it domains for businesses seeking to thrive in the Italian market.

Choose the Perfect Domain Name

Your chosen domain name must consist of alphanumeric characters and hyphens (it should not begin or end with a hyphen) without any other special symbols or spaces. It should be at least 3 characters long and can't exceed 63 characters. You should also consider the following:

  1. Incorporate targeted keywords: Keywords in your domain can boost your website's search engine rankings, but be sure to choose a domain that's simple to say and spell. This ensures your audience can find and revisit your site easily.

  2. Keep your domain name short: Short domain names are easier to remember, type, and fit well on mobile devices, making for a positive user experience. Also, avoid hyphens and repeated letters as they can cause confusion and typos, potentially redirecting visitors to other sites.

  3. Stay unique and on brand: A unique domain name can help your website stand out, prevent legal issues, and contribute to your marketing efforts. 

  4. Use a domain name generator: If you're struggling for ideas, domain name generators can provide inspiration and suggest unique TLDs you might not have considered.

  5. Check the domain history: Investigate whether the domain you want had a previous owner, as this can affect your site's search engine rankings and reputation.

  6. Research social media handles: Engage with your audience on social media, ensuring your domain name is available as a social media handle. Consistency across platforms is essential.

  7. Don't lose a deal: Domain prices can vary, and some may be considered "Premium." If you come across a discount on a domain you like, seize the opportunity.

  8. Protect your brand with multiple domains: Even if you secure a .com address, consider obtaining other TLD variations and common misspellings to protect your brand and traffic.

What Types of .IT Domain Names Available?

When registering a .it domain, you may choose from several types, depending on the nature and eligibility of your business or organization. Each of these domain extensions helps to identify the purpose or nature of the organization or individual using them, providing a layer of context and meaning to the .it domain.

.it - This is the primary and most common ccTLD for Italy.  or - Alternatives for commercial entities. - Also intended for businesses. Used by network infrastructure and service providers - Intended for nonprofit organizations. - entities that are recognized as "competent organs of the state" by the Italian Registry. - Reserved for educational institutions (must be officially accredited by the Italian state).
At Nominus, we can offer you the following extensions: .it, and Please see "How do I register an .it domain name with Nominus" in the FAQs section below.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for Registering an .IT Domain Name

Eligible Companies require a VAT ID or TAX ID from a registered office in the European Economic Area
(EEA) the Vatican City State, the Republic of San Marino, the Swiss Confederation, or the United

Eligible Individuals or natural persons must have a passport or ID number verifying citizenship and/or
residence in the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA), the Vatican City State, the
Republic of San Marino, the Swiss Confederation, or the United Kingdom.

Foreign persons or companies

If you do not meet the requirements above, we at can also register your .it domain or domain in the name of our local representatives and then make it available to you. This option, also known as a Trustee Service, has an additional fee.

FAQs About .IT Domain Registration

How long does it take to complete the registration of a .it domain name?
The duration for registering a domain name can differ according to its extension. While many domain extensions are typically registered within minutes once you've submitted all the required information and documents, additional time may be necessary for identity and eligibility verification.

How do I register an .it domain name with Nominus?
You can secure your domain with Nominus by taking these simple steps:

  • Domain search: Conduct a research for your desired domain to explore available options.

  • Account access: Returning users can sign in, for secure transactions.

  • Owner information: Select or enter owner information to establish ownership and control over the new domain.

  • DNS server selection: Choose DNS servers for your domain. We offer free Anycast DNS servers if needed.

  • Payment: Proceed to the payment portal, review your order, enter payment details, and finalize your domain acquisition using Credit Card, Paypal, or Bank Deposit.

What is the minimum registration term allowed?

The minimum registration term for .it domains is 1 year. They can be renewed again after this period.

Is it possible to register a .it domain if I'm not located in Italy?
Yes, you can register a .it domain even if your location is outside of Italy, provided you are a resident or have a registered office within the European Union, European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland. At, we can also help you to acquire an .it or domain using our Trustee Service.

Once I've registered a .it domain, do I have ownership rights?

Yes, upon the successful registration of your .it domain name, you have ownership rights for the duration of your registration. However, please note that this ownership is subject to annual renewals to maintain the domain.

What happens if my .it domain name expires?
Should your .it domain name expire, it typically goes through a grace period during which you can still renew it; if not, the domain may become available for registration by someone else. (Please see the section below on Automatic Renewal below).

Is it possible to transfer my .it domain name to a different registrar?
Yes, .it domain names can generally be transferred to other registrars. However, each registrar may have specific policies and procedures for domain transfers that you should review in advance.


Managing Your .IT Domain Registration and Renewal

Ensure your domain information is up to date

It's essential to regularly update all your domain-related information, especially if your address, phone number, or email address changes. Outdated information can lead to communication issues or difficulties in case problems arise regarding your .it domain.

Automatic renewal to prevent domain expiration

At, automatic domain renewal is the default setting for all registered domain names. This is to ensure your domain is renewed prior to its expiration date without any manual intervention required on your part.

However, should you wish to opt-out of this feature, simply navigate to “My Domains > Active Domains > [Your Domain] > Settings” and disable the auto-renewal option.
We will also send you a reminder notification before the auto-renewal process is initiated, providing you with the opportunity to make changes to the renewal settings if desired.

Why Choose Nominus as Your Domain Registrar? is proud to be an official ICANN accredited registrar. Together with our corporate group, we hold accreditations in over 50 domain registries globally. This, combined with our extensive industry knowledge and proficiency, empowers us to provide expedient and efficient domain name portfolio management services.

Our service allows you to simplify your online presence management with our user-friendly admin panel, helping to boost your website's performance and security through our Anycast DNS servers, reducing latency, improving uptime, and guarding against DNS flood DDoS attacks. You can also enjoy free email forwarding to streamline your inbox as well as simple web redirection options to direct your domain to any website you choose, offering both permanent and frame forwarding for added flexibility. Our aim is to ensure a reliable, secure, and efficient online experience for your business.


In today's digital age, establishing a robust online presence is essential for businesses, especially those targeting specific geographical regions such as Italy. An .it domain name is a powerful asset for connecting with Italian customers and building a strong local brand identity. Our comprehensive guide covers various aspects of .it domain registration. By adopting a .it domain, you're not just securing a web address, you're laying the groundwork for your brand's success in the Italian market. Claim your ideal .it domain name today and let 'IT' drive your digital adventure!