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PY: Understanding the Paraguay's Domain Name

Paraguay, a South American nation of over 6.7 million residents, owns the top-level domain .py. It’s used widely in the country by state and private entities and makes an important part of the Paraguayan digital identity.

This article provides all the details about the .py TLD and associated second-level domains. You’ll learn the registration requirements for both restricted and non-restricted .py SLDs. In addition, we’ll list all the milestones for the .py domain and the Internet in Paraguay.

What Does the .PY TLD Represent?

The .py suffix represents the country code TLD or ccTLD for Paraguay. It’s the official TLD for the country, overseen by the National Information Center (NIC) Paraguay. It’s popular with individuals, businesses, and state institutions linked with the South American country.

NIC maintains the registry of all the domains ending with a .py suffix. It’s also responsible for setting the rules and regulations regarding registration.

Timeline of Key Developments of the .PY TLD

Here’s the timeline of important events related to the .py TLD:




Rick Adams of UUNET, an Internet service provider, received the first email with a form to collect technical data for contacts for the .py domain.


The National Information Center (NIC) was established in Paraguay.


A teleport was installed at the National Center for Computing (CNC). The administration of the .py domain became a shared responsibility between the Digital Electronics Laboratory (LED) and CNC.


The first Paraguayan public internet connection was made available, operated by CNC and LED, for private users at $12 per hour.


The Paraguayan Chamber of Internet (CAPADI) was formed.

1998, the first Paraguayan Internet search engine, was introduced.


The number of Internet users in Paraguay was estimated to be around 15,000.

2021 implemented security extensions for .py domains.


.py domains registered before June 30, 2023 can be internationalized with Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) characters.


What SLDs Can Be Registered in Paraguay, and What Are the Requirements?

As per the policy on registering .py domains, certain SLDs are restricted and require special documentation.

Here are the restricted .py SLDs and their respective requirements:

  • This SLD is reserved for educational institutions present in Paraguay and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MES) or the National Council of Higher Education (CONES).

  • This SLD is only for government institutions and departments, both central and municipal, as well as decentralized entities linked with the government. recommends that the applying entity use the name, part of the name, or the abbreviation for the government agency/department as the domain name. The applicant should fill in the designated form for registration with the name, title, and sign of the representative of the agency/department.

  • This SLD can only be granted to the Armed Forces of Paraguay branches. To register a domain with SLD, the requesting party must be the highest executive authority of the institution. A note on official letterhead is required.

  • This SLD is for cooperatives recognized by the National Cooperative Insititute (INCOOP).  The requesting institute must send relevant documentation to request the domain.

  • This SLD is designated for non-profit organizations in Paraguay. This may include non-governmental organizations (NGOs), foreign embassies and consulates, political parties, religious associations, charity institutions, educational institutions for the disabled, worker unions, foundations, and neighborhood commissions. A form signed by a representative of the organization is required.

Besides the above .py SLDs, two more SLDs are available with no restrictions. These include, intended for technology-related entities, and, intended for businesses and individuals.

What Can Be Registered Under the .PY TLD?

As per the rules set by, the following can be registered as a domain name with a .py TLD:

  • Alphabets (a to z)

  • Digits (0 to 9)

  • Hyphen (-)

  • Accented vowels like á, é, í, ó, ú and ñ.

Here are the general rules for registration of .py domains:

  • The minimum length of the domain name is four characters, whereas the maximum allowed length is 63 characters.

  • Domain names can’t begin or end with a hyphen or feature two hyphens consecutively.

  • Domain names shorter than four characters may be allowed for certain organizations on special request and at a different price.

Who Can Register a .PY Domain?

Any individual or legal entity in Paraguay or abroad can register for a .py domain. Residency in the country is not a requirement.

However, restricted SLDs may only be registered by designated organizations, provided all the conditions are met.

Also, there’s no restriction on the number of .py domains a person or organization can register.

How Many .PY Domains Are Registered?

As per data from, here’s the number of registered domains with .py TLD over the past five years:



Why Register a .PY Domain?

Registering a .py domain offers unique advantages primarily due to its geographic relevance and association with Python programming. Firstly, as the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Paraguay, it holds substantial geographic significance. Businesses and individuals aiming to establish or emphasize their presence in the Paraguayan market can benefit from a .py domain, enhancing local market engagement and demonstrating commitment to regional audiences.

Secondly, the .py extension resonates with the popular Python programming language, as .py is the file extension used for Python scripts. This makes it a compelling choice for tech enthusiasts, coders, and developers involved in Python programming and related projects. Websites with a .py domain can attract and engage a specialized audience, fostering a sense of community and niche authority. It allows for creative branding opportunities, lending a unique and innovative appeal to platforms focused on technology and programming.

Another reason you may consider opting for a .py domain is the availability of the domain name. Commonly used names may not be available with TLDs such as .com or .net. However, they may be available with .py TLD or and SLDs.


.py is the Paraguayan ccTLD, popular in the country for business, government, and personal use. As such, anyone can register a .py domain, except for a few restricted related SLDs. Registering a .py domain is easy and you may easily find an available domain for your business.