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The Most Popular .DE Top Level Domains


.de is one of the pioneering ccTLDs with a rich history in domain allocation. It holds a prominent position in global domain registrations, reflecting its popularity among German businesses and individuals. The .de domain is known for its strong reputation and is favored by companies, eCommerce platforms, and individuals seeking to connect with the German audience. International entities are also leveraging .de domains to establish a presence in the German market, enhancing their visibility and reach.

In this blog, we will explore the advantages of having a .de domain, why it's a preferred choice for businesses and individuals alike and explore some of the top German websites that exemplify the thriving ecosystem under the .de domain extension. Whether you're a local business aiming to strengthen your online presence or an international entity eyeing the German market, understanding the benefits of a .de domain is essential for establishing a successful digital presence in Germany. Let's delve deeper into why .de domains continue to be a cornerstone of the digital landscape in Germany.

How Popular is the .DE Domain Name?

Launched back in 1986, the popularity of .de domains has surged over time, solidifying their position as a key component of Germany's digital sphere. Since its inception as one of the pioneering ccTLDs in 1986, the .de extension has grown exponentially, now ranking as the third largest TLD globally with over 17.7 million registrations. This evolution underscores its significance not just within Germany but also in the broader context of domain extensions, highlighting its reliability, trustworthiness, and strong association with German businesses and individuals seeking a robust online presence.

Figure 1. Leading Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) by Number of Registered Domains. Source: Statista.

What do Consumers Favor .DE Domains?

Consumers in Germany favor websites with a .de domain name because it signifies a local presence and offers content tailored specifically for German audiences. This makes it particularly appealing when interacting with businesses and organizations closely associated with Germany or targeting the German market.

  • Local Presence: Consumers in Germany favor websites with a .de domain name because it signifies a local presence, indicating that the business operates within their region and understands their needs and preferences.

  • Targeted Content: Having a .de domain suggests that the website is tailored specifically for the German market, offering products, services, and information that are relevant and accessible to local consumers.

  • Language Accessibility: Websites with .de domains often provide content in German, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for German-speaking consumers and eliminating language barriers.

  • Reputation and Reliability: The .de domain extension is associated with Germany's strict regulations and standards, building trust and credibility among consumers regarding data privacy, security, and business practices.

  • Domain Availability: Businesses have a better chance of securing their desired domain name with a .de extension due to the availability of options within the .de namespace compared to other domain extensions.

  • Search Engine Visibility: Search engines tend to prioritize country-specific domains such as .de for local search queries, giving websites with this domain extension an edge in search engine rankings within the German market.

  • Legal Compliance: Websites using the .de extension are expected to comply with German laws and regulations, providing consumers with confidence in legal transparency, consumer rights protection, and dispute resolution processes aligned with the German legal system.

What are the Different .DE Domains Available?

.de domains are second-level domains, signified by their direct ending with .de without additional subdomains such as or The .de domain system does not support third-level domains. This design ensures straightforward and precise domain names that reflect a wide range of sectors and interests across Germany. Whether for business-focused or entertainment-oriented, the variety of available .de domains caters to diverse website purposes and industries. 

This streamlined domain structure enhances the appeal and usability of .de domains in the digital realm.

How Many .DE Domains Have Been Registered?

In 2023, the German country code .de continued its growth trajectory, reaching approximately 17.7 million registered domains globally by year-end. Notably, .de domain ownership saw an increase of 230,000 in 2023, with around 65,000 new domains registered within Germany. This translates statistically to one in five Germans having a .de domain.

Figure 2. Percentage Distribution of .DE Domains Germany by Region. Source: DENIC 2023.

What is the Distribution of .DE Domains Across the Country?

By December 31, 2023, there were 15.6 million .de domains registered within Germany and an additional 2 million held by individuals outside the country, totaling 17,654,263 domains managed by DENIC. Among German cities, Berlin led with 970,279 .de domains, followed by Hamburg and Munich. North Rhine-Westphalia recorded the highest number of domains at 3,434,204, with significant growth.

How Many .DE Domains are Registered Abroad?

Internationally, .de domains exceeded the 2-million mark in 2023, reflecting a 1.3% increase in domain management compared to the previous year. Holders outside Germany, particularly from the United States and the Netherlands, accounted for a significant share, showcasing the extension's popularity across Europe and globally, especially within the EU.

Figure 3. Percentage Distribution of .DE Registrations Beyond German Borders. Source: DENIC.

What are the Most Popular Domains in Germany?

The ranking of top websites in Germany reveals interesting trends and preferences among users. With an astounding 216 million monthly searches, tops the list, highlighting the widespread reliance on Wikipedia for information. follows closely with 91 million searches, indicating strong consumer engagement in E-commerce. maintains a significant presence with 86 million searches, emphasizing the popularity of video content consumption. Social media platforms such as (30 million searches) together with (28 million searches) continue to attract substantial traffic, underlining their importance for communication and interaction. News and media platforms such as (28 million searches), (17 million searches), and (17 million searches) cater to the demand for news and entertainment.

Figure 4. Most Popular Websites in Germany. Source: Ahrefs 2024.

What are the Most Popular .DE Websites?

The top .de domain websites span diverse industries such as E-commerce, Media, Classifieds, Social media, Fashion, Technology, News, and Entertainment, showcasing their popularity in Germany. Leading sites like and engage consumers strongly, providing platforms that offer not only information and entertainment but also provide specialized services in areas such as shopping comparison, sports, transportation, and logistics. Their presence reflects the global competitiveness of the German market, attracting both local and international businesses, and sheds light on consumer behavior and industry trends in Germany's digital landscape.



Search Traffic







Media and Publishing






Social Media



Fashion and Retail



Technology and Reviews



News and Media






News and Media



Food and Recipes






Shopping Comparison



 Telecommunications and Media






News and Media






Media and Entertainment



Logistics and Shipping



News and Media



Automotive and Travel

Figure 5. Most Popular .DE Websites by Traffic. Source: Ahrefs 2024.

What are Some of the Most Popular Websites in Germany?

Exploring popular websites in Germany opens up a window into the digital landscape of this dynamic country. Here's a curated list of top German websites that cater to a wide range of interests and needs:

Best German News Websites

Stay informed with platforms such as,,, and, offering a mix of national and international news, analysis, and updates.

Top Local News Websites

Get insights into regional events and news with platforms like ITB Berlin for Berlin news, Münchner Merkur for Munich updates, and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for Frankfurt happenings.

Best German Online Shopping Sites

Enjoy convenient and diverse shopping experiences on platforms like,,, and, covering everything from fashion and electronics to pharmaceuticals.

Most Popular German Food Websites

Indulge in culinary delights with,,, and, offering recipes, restaurant options, and beverage delivery services.

These popular German websites cater to diverse interests and needs, providing valuable services, information, and entertainment for users across the country and beyond. Whether you're looking for news updates, shopping opportunities, or culinary inspirations, these platforms offer a glimpse into the country's dynamic digital landscape.


In this blog, we have delved into the significance and advantages of  registering a .DE domain  within Germany's digital landscape. Discover why .DE domains remain the preferred choice for businesses and individuals targeting the German audience. Here are our 5 key takeaways:

  1. Significance of .DE Domain: The .de domain extension, established in 1986, holds a prominent position globally with 17.7 million domains registered, making it a preferred choice for businesses and individuals targeting the German audience.

  2. Consumer Preference: Consumers in Germany favor websites with a .de domain due to its local presence, tailored content, language accessibility, and reputation for reliability and legal compliance, offering businesses a strategic advantage in the market.

  3. Domain Availability and SEO Advantage: Businesses benefit from better domain availability within the .de namespace, along with improved search engine visibility, especially for local search queries, contributing to enhanced online visibility and reach.

  4. International Market Access: The .de domain extension serves as a gateway for international entities to enter and expand in the German market, leveraging its popularity and consumer trust to establish a strong digital presence. 

  5. Digital Landscape Insights: Exploring the top .de domain websites across various industries, such as E-commerce, Media, Classifieds, Social Media, Fashion, and Technology, provides valuable insights into consumer behavior, industry trends, and digital preferences in Germany's thriving digital ecosystem.