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Top .JP Internet Domains: Japan's Most Popular Choices


In the vibrant digital landscape of Japan, home to a population of 124 million, .jp domains play a crucial role that extends beyond being mere website addresses, acting as a bridge between Japan's rich cultural heritage and contemporary advancements in technology. With more than 92% of Japan's population actively engaged online, a .jp domain not only serves to amplify brand identities but also as a customized portal, engaging the discerning Japanese audience in a way that resonates with their preferences and values.
In this blog article, we'll navigate through the most prominent .jp domains that are attracting attention and driving substantial traffic in Japan.Top of Form From e-commerce giants utilizing .jp extensions to bolster their online retail presence to businesses securing premium domains for enhanced brand protection and SEO, each domain reflects a narrative of deliberate planning and digital expertise.

What are the Different Categories for .JP Domain Names?

There are essentially three types of domain name variations in Japan:
1) General-use (Japanese domain names): Second-level domains (e.g. example.jp) or General-use JP Domain Names represent the bulk of .jp domain registrations and are tailored for general use purposes. They are available to any individual or organization with a registered mailing address within Japan and allow multiple registrations per applicant, offering unrestricted flexibility.
2) Prefecture: A .jp domain name incorporating one of Japan's 47 prefecture names. They are often utilized by local businesses, government institutions, tourism boards, cultural organizations, or any entity seeking to emphasize their association with a particular prefecture in Japan.  Examples of this domain structure are: mydomain.hokkaido.jp, mydomain.tokyo.jp, mydomain.nagasaki.jp.

3) Restricted-use second-level domains: Organizational/ Geographic type domains: there are several restricted-use second-level domains, which provide a structured framework for different entities and organizations in Japan to register and use .jp domain names tailored to their specific purposes or affiliations. These are:

  • .co.jp: company domains are intended for registered companies operating in Japan. They may include incorporated companies (Kaisha) and foreign companies registered as "Gaikoku Kaisha".

  • .or.jp: includes non-profit organizations, associations, or certain types of businesses.

  • .ne.jp: network service providers or companies offering internet-related services within Japan.

  • .ac.jp: This category is dedicated to higher education institutions such as universities, colleges, technical schools (shokugyo kunren-ko) and other educational entities providing tertiary education.

  • .ad.jp: domains under this category are registered by members of JPNIC (Japan Network Information Center), the organization that manages IP address allocation and domain name registration in Japan.

  • .ed.jp: Primary school, junior and senior high school: These domains cater to educational institutions at the primary, junior high, and senior high school levels in Japan.

  • .go.jp: these domains are used by various branches, departments, or agencies of the Japanese government at different administrative levels such as ministries, research institutes and government-affiliated corporations.

  • .gr.jp: groups of two or more people, or groups of two or more registered companies that operate collectively within Japan, representing various interests or affiliations.

  • .lg.jp: utilized by local government authorities, municipalities, or local administrative bodies in Japan.

4) Geographic type .jp domains: these cover a broader spectrum of geographical entities and are reserved for local government bodies, their departments, hospitals, and organizations eligible for registration under the various organizational second-level domain types mentioned above: AC, CO, ED, GO, OR, NE, GR. These domain names have specific naming conventions and eligibility criteria for different geographic entities. Examples of Geographic Type .jp domain names include metro.tokyo.jp, or www.city.nagoya.jp
It should be noted that JPRS halted new registrations for the "Geographic Type JP Domain Name" on March 31, 2012. However, all Geographic Type JP domain names registered before that date remain available.

How Many .JP Domains Have Been Registered?

By January 2023, the cumulative registrations of .jp domain names had surpassed 1.72 million, showing a substantial growth of 40,464 from the previous year. Notably, 70% of these registrations belonged to the general-use .jp domains, signifying their widespread preference and adoption. Among these, the .co.jp domains, favored by numerous enterprises, had amassed over 460,000 registrations out of a total of over 540,000 organizational/ geographic type domains, underscoring their sustained popularity within the business community.
This cumulative growth in registrations reaffirms the enduring significance of .jp domains, reflecting their pivotal role in Japan's digital landscape and continued favor among businesses and organizations seeking a trusted online presence.

Figure 1: Change in the Cumulative Number of Registered JP Domain Names. Source: JPRS (Japan Registry Services Co: the official registry for .jp domains.)

Figure 2: Change in the Cumulative Number of Registered JP Domain Names Source: JPRS (Japan Registry Services Co: the official registry for .jp domains.)

What is the Most Popular Extension for .JP Domains?


Figure 3: .jp domain extension by number of Registrations. Source: JPRS (Japan Registry Services Co: the official registry for .jp domains.)

Figure 4: Breakdown of JP Domain Name Registrations by Name Space: Source: JPRS (Japan Registry Services Co: the official registry for .jp domains.)


Among the top-ranking .jp websites in Japan, the traffic numbers reflect significant user engagement and popularity across diverse domains. In Japan's digital landscape of over 1.7 million .jp domain registrations, the most favored categories include "General-use," claiming a substantial portion with 1,169,261 registrations, and "Company" domains (CO), following closely with 467,842 registrations. These statistics reflect a strong preference for .jp domains among businesses, showcasing their prevalence in the online market. Additionally, notable categories such as Network service (NE) with 12,839 registrations, Corporation other than company (OR) with 39,811 registrations, and Group (GR) with 5,543 registrations underscore the diversified use of .jp domains across various sectors. Amidst these, educational institutions hold a significant but relatively small portion, representing around 10,164 domains dedicated to education, approximately 0.59% of the total .jp domain landscape. 

Comparing .JP Websites With Wther gTLDs by Traffic

The performance of .jp websites stands out prominently, showcasing robust user engagement and traffic figures when compared to other Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs), occupying 5 of the top positions for website traffic. Notably, Yahoo.co.jp commands the third position, amassing a staggering 3.3 billion visits, followed closely by News.yahoo.co.jp at the fifth spot, accumulating 936 million visits. Amazon.co.jp secures the sixth position with 879 million visits, while Blog.jp ranks seventh, garnering 819 million visits, Additionally, Rakuten.co.jp claims the ninth position with a significant 584 million visits, highlighting the active user engagement in Japan's online retail sphere relative to other domains. Furthermore, Gamewith.jp, Nicovideo.jp, and Docomo.ne.jp hold positions 16, 19, and 20, respectively, each attracting considerable traffic, signifying diverse user interests spanning entertainment, e-commerce, and telecommunications within the .jp domain landscape when compared with their gTLD counterparts. 






9.4 billion



4.3 billion



3.3 billion



1.8 billion



936.1 million



879.1 million



819.1 million



719.8 million



584.2 million



526.2 million



513.2 million



442.7 million



435.8 million



419.3 million



415.9 million



408.4 million



393.6 million



381.6 million



346.0 million



334.7 million

Figure 5: Source: Semrush: Top websites in Japan (All Industries).

.JP Domains by Geographic Location or Prefecture.

Japan has a total of 47 prefectures and the chart below showcases the diverse usage patterns and degree of preference for domain types across Japan. In particular, we can see the percentages of the .jp domain identifier represented by each prefecture across the different types of .jp domains categorized as Organizational/Geographic, General-use, and Prefecture.
The highest figure by far is represented understandably by Tokyo at 32.4%, 42.1% and 36% respectively across each of the categories. This is followed by Osaka at 9.4%, 15.0% and 9.7%.

Figure 6: Source: JPRS (Japan Registry Services Co: the official registry for .jp domains.)


The .jp domain's adaptability remains pivotal for businesses in Japan's digital landscape. With 1.72 million registrations by January 2023, mainly dominated by .co.jp and General-use categories, it mirrors Japan's robust online presence. As the internet integrates into daily life, particularly evident in expanding online services such as teleworking and telemedicine, the .jp domain continues to be an indispensable asset for businesses, serving as a credible digital identifier and supporting Japan's digital evolution. To become a part of this growing digital landscape, register a .JP domain and establish your online presence in Japan