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Top .MX Domains: Mexico's Most Popular Web Sites


Mexico, a land of vibrant culture and rich history, captivates with its diverse tapestry of traditions, culinary delights, and natural beauty. From the ancient civilizations of the Aztec and Maya to the bustling streets of modern cities, Mexico offers a sensory feast for visitors and locals alike.

The .mx domain is Mexico's own top-level domain, marking websites that are linked to the country. It's a major sign for Mexico's internet space, opening doors to its vibrant culture and beautiful natural scenes. As the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Mexico, .mx provides a platform for organizations, companies, and individuals to connect with a vast global Spanish-speaking audience. With a population of over 128 million inhabitants across 31 states, Mexico boasts a thriving online community that continues to grow.
From vibrant social media campaigns showcasing colorful festivals and cultural celebrations to immersive virtual tours of archaeological sites and natural wonders, Mexico's online presence offers a captivating glimpse into its rich heritage. Influencers and content creators utilize blogs, vlogs, and social media to share their experiences, offering unique insights into local cuisine, traditions, and hidden gems. Meanwhile, e-commerce platforms featuring authentic Mexican products provide global consumers with access to the country's cultural offerings. These .mx domains serve as integral platforms for promoting tourism, economic development, and showcasing local businesses and cultural heritage, contributing to Mexico's digital identity on both local and global scales.
However, despite being the second-largest internet market in the region, with over 100.6 million users in 2023, connectivity remains a challenge for some, reflecting the economic disparities and social issues within the country. But with forecasts predicting a continuous increase in internet users, reaching a new peak of 131.05 million by 2029, Mexico's online potential is on the rise.
In this article, we explore the .mx domain through the lens of consumer preferences to better understand their inclinations and priorities when navigating online. By examining the choices and behaviors of internet users, we gain valuable insights into the factors that influence their interactions with websites bearing the .mx extension. Through this examination, we aim to uncover the driving forces behind the consumer's decision-making process and shed light on the significance of the .mx domain in shaping their online experiences.

Why Are Consumers Looking for in a .MX Domain?

From the perspective of internet users in Mexico, here are some reasons why encountering a .mx domain can be beneficial: 

  1. Local Relevance: When users see a website with a .mx domain, they immediately recognize it as relevant to Mexico, which can increase trust and engagement.

  2. Language Familiarity: Websites with .mx domains are more likely to be in Spanish or tailored to Mexican audiences, making the content more understandable and relatable for local users.

  3. Cultural Connection: A .mx domain signifies a connection to Mexican culture and values, which can resonate with users and foster a sense of community and belonging.

  4. Geographic Targeting: Users searching for local services or information may prioritize websites with .mx domains, as they are more likely to cater to their specific needs and location.

  5. Brand Recognition: Established brands using .mx domains reinforce their presence in the Mexican market, making it easier for users to recognize and engage with trusted and familiar businesses.

  6. Security and Trust: Users may perceive websites with .mx domains as more secure and trustworthy, particularly for online transactions and sensitive information, due to the association with local regulations and standards.

What are the Different .MX Domains Available?

Purchasing and registering a .mx Internet address is a logical choice for businesses and individuals in Mexico. This top-level domain carries significant importance within the country and is highly valued in the Mexican region. Even Spanish or Latin American companies with economic ties to Mexico contemplate have sought to acquire an .mx domain to effectively reach potential customers in the Mexican market.

The .mx domain offers various options tailored to different entities and purposes. Here are some of the main categories:

  • Ideal for commercial entities, this domain is commonly used by businesses operating in Mexico.

  • Geared towards non-profit organizations, charities, and other similar entities with a focus on social or community-oriented initiatives.

  • Suited for network infrastructure providers, internet service providers, and related organizations involved in the connectivity sector.

  • Reserved for educational institutions such as schools, universities, and other academic organizations.

  • Exclusive to Mexican government entities and agencies at the federal, state, and municipal levels.

  • .mx: The standard top-level domain (TLD) for Mexico, offering a broad scope for individuals, businesses, and organizations across various sectors.

These domain options cater to different sectors and entities, allowing them to choose a domain that aligns with their specific identity, purpose, and audience.

How Many .MX Domains Have Been Registered 

To date, an impressive total of 1,350,136 recorded domain names have been registered under the .mx extension.

Figure 1. Number of .mx domain names registered to date. Source:

Figure 2. Evolution of the .mx domain name since inception to 2020. Source:

Figure 3. Percentage of .mx domain names by % of registrations. Source:

What are the Most Popular Extensions for .MX Domains?

Among the number of .mx domains registered, the most popular choice is, accounting for 67.5% of registrations, totaling 911,895 domains. Following closely behind is the .mx extension, making up 29.4% of registrations with 396,283 domains. Other extensions include,,, and, each contributing to the diverse online landscape of Mexico with their respective percentages of registrations.

Figure 4. Number of monthly .mx registrations by second level domain. Source:

Figure 5. Annual growth of .MX domain names to 2024 according by second level identifier. Source:

What is the Distribution of .MX Websites According to Content?

In the vibrant online landscape of Mexico, websites covering professional services dominate the digital sphere, comprising 56.6% of all registered domains. These encompass a wide array of industries, including business consulting, legal services, accounting, and marketing. With over half of the websites falling into this category, it's clear that professionals in Mexico are leveraging the internet to showcase their expertise and connect with potential clients. Additionally, sectors like science and education, information technology, and telecommunications (together representing over 10%)  also hold significant shares, indicating a diverse online presence that caters to various interests and needs. As more businesses and individuals embrace the digital realm, the allocation of websites according to content reflects the evolving landscape of Mexico's online ecosystem.

Figure 6. Distribution of .mx domains by content as of 31/12/2020. Source: adapted and translated from

What is the Distribution of .MX Domains Across the Country?

The distribution of .mx domains across Mexican states reflects varying levels of internet penetration and digital activity across the country, but concentrated heavily in the main urban centers. Leading the pack is the Federal District with overwhelming lion's share of registrations standing at 279,901, closely followed by Mexico State with 127,678 domains. Jalisco also boasts a significant digital presence with 95,744 domains, indicative of active internet usage. Other states like Nuevo León, Puebla, and Guanajuato show respectable numbers of .mx domains, with registrations ranging from 30,000 to 90,000, highlighting their engagement in the online sphere. However, states such as Tlaxcala and Campeche lag behind, with fewer than 5,000 domain registrations each, potentially indicating lower internet adoption rates or reduced digital engagement compared to other regions. Overall, these figures offer valuable insights into the digital landscape and online activity levels across different Mexican states.

Figure 7. Distribution of .mx domains by federal entity. 31/12/2020. Source:

Bolstering Cybersecurity: DNSSEC Adoption in .MX Domains

The adoption of DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) for .mx domains began on a strong note and has shown stability over the years, with a recent slight surge observed since 2020. DNSSEC, comprising protocols designed to fortify the Domain Name System, serves as a vital defense against malicious activities like DNS spoofing and cache poisoning. While the number of .mx domains registered has steadily increased, the adoption of DNSSEC has seen a recent uptick, indicating a growing recognition of the importance of enhanced security measures in the digital landscape. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the adoption of DNSSEC remains a proactive step in safeguarding domain name resolution integrity and user trust in the online environment. However, the relatively low adoption of DNSSEC for .mx domains mirrors the global trend, highlighting challenges such as compatibility issues, complexity, and resource-intensive implementation processes that hinder widespread deployment.

Figure 8. Adoption of DNSSEC for .mx domains up to 2020. Source:

Figure 9. Percentage of .mx domains with DNSSEC up to 2020. Source: translated from

What are the Most Popular Domains in Mexico According to Traffic?

In January 2024, Mexico's digital sphere remained vibrant and dynamic, with continuing to dominate as the most visited website, attracting a remarkable 122 million monthly visits. Following closely behind was, with an impressive 108 million visits, highlighting the importance of access to reliable information among Mexican internet users. maintained its strong presence, garnering 56 million visits during the same period, underscoring the enduring popularity of social networking in the country. Additionally, emerged as a significant player in the online marketplace, recording 42 million visits, reflecting the growing trend of e-commerce in Mexico. These statistics illustrate the evolving landscape of Mexico's online platforms and their profound impact on consumer behavior and digital interactions.

Figure 10. Most popular domains in Mexico in January 2024 by monthly traffic. Source: Ahrefs

Figure 11. Top trending websites in Mexico in January 2024. Source: Ahrefs

Most Popular .MX Websites by Traffic

In January 2024, continued its dominance as the most visited .mx website in Mexico, with 42m visits and a significant increase of 2.2 million, maintaining its top position. retained its strong presence, ranking second despite a slight decrease in traffic. also showed resilience, securing the third spot with a notable rise in visits. Other notable movements included and, which maintained their positions within the top five, albeit with varying levels of traffic fluctuation. Overall, while some websites experienced fluctuations in traffic, the top .mx websites in Mexico remained consistent in their popularity and engagement levels.






































































Table 1. Top .mx websites by monthly traffic as of January 2024. Source: Ahrefs

Key Takeaways 

  1. Diverse Digital Landscape: The .mx domain offers a diverse range of online activities and services, with over 1.35 million domains registered to date. Leading .mx domains like,, and showcase the breadth of options available to Mexican internet users, from e-commerce to government services.

  2. Growth Opportunities: Forecasts predict continuous growth in internet users in Mexico, reaching 131.05 million by 2029. This growth presents opportunities for innovation and development in Mexico's online sphere, bolstering connectivity, cultural exchange, and economic growth.

  3. Most Popular domains: Despite fluctuations in traffic among some websites, the top .mx domains have maintained their popularity and engagement levels. Websites like,, and continue to attract significant traffic, reflecting their enduring relevance and importance in shaping Mexico's digital identity.

  4. Persistent Challenges: Challenges such as low DNSSEC adoption rates and disparities in internet connectivity across regions persist. Addressing these challenges will be crucial to ensure equitable access to online resources and enhance cybersecurity measures in Mexico's digital landscape.

  5. Integral Role: The .mx domain plays a vital role in Mexico's digital landscape, connecting people, ideas, and opportunities in an increasingly interconnected world. By fostering connectivity and accessibility across different sectors, .mx domains contribute to Mexico's digital development and global presence.

For businesses and individuals looking to establish a strong online presence in Mexico, the opportunity to register a .mx Domain is not just strategic but essential. Embracing the .mx domain means tapping into Mexico's growing digital landscape and connecting with a vibrant online community.