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Understanding the .AR Top-Level Domain

The .ar top-level domain (TLD) is more than a simple web address ending - it's a critical component of Argentina's digital identity. Serving as the nation's unique marker in the vast realm of the internet, .ar is a significant aspect of Argentina's online landscape. In this exploration, we'll dive into the purpose, usage, and historical milestones of this TLD, elucidating its importance for Argentine-associated businesses and individuals.

What Does the .AR Top-Level Domain (TLD) Represent?

The .ar top-level domain is the Internet country code for Argentina. It is administered by NIC Argentina, which is a department of the National Communications Commission (CNC). The .ar TLD is used by entities connected with Argentina, including but not limited to businesses, organizations, and individuals. It can be used to denote a connection to the country, whether it's due to physical location, targeting an Argentine audience, or other associations with Argentina.

Timeline of Key Developments of the .AR TLD

This chronicle provides an insightful journey into the significant developments that have marked the evolution of the .ar top-level domain.




The National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NIC Argentina) is created by the National Communications Commission (CNC).


Argentina is assigned the .ar top-level domain (TLD).


The first .ar domain names are registered.


NIC Argentina launches the and second-level domains (SLDs).


NIC Argentina launches the,,, and SLDs.


NIC Argentina launches the Domain Name Dispute Resolution System (DRS).


NIC Argentina launches the SLD.


NIC Argentina launches the SLD.


NIC Argentina launches the SLD.


A major update to the interface and system of the NIC Argentina website for domain registration was implemented.


NIC Argentina launches the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) for the .ar SLD.


NIC Argentina starts charging a fee for domain registration.


NIC Argentina launches the, .ar SLDs.


NIC Argentina launches the,,,,, SLDs.


NIC Argentina launches the SLD.

In addition to these milestones, NIC Argentina has also played a role in the development of other initiatives related to the Argentine internet, such as the National Internet Registry (RIR Argentina) and the Argentine Internet Security Association (Asociación Argentina de Seguridad en Internet).

What Extensions can be Registered in Argentina and What are the Requirements?

In Argentina, a wide range of second-level domain extensions (SLDs) are open for registration. Among them, only and have no special registration requirements, just like the TLD .ar. However, it's important to note that specific requirements must be fulfilled for all other SLDs listed in the table below.


Registration Requirements


A shorter and easy to remember option that allows you to create an original domain to identify your website on the Internet. No specific requirements for registration

If your project is related to commercial or professional activity, domains are a registration alternative for you. No specific requirements for registration domains are an option to identify sites associated with the technological and internet sector on the web. No specific requirements for registration

Exclusive for national, provincial and municipal government entities of Argentina

For foreign representations or international organizations based in Argentina. Accreditation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship or another competent body is required

Only entities of the Armed Forces of the Argentine Republic can register these domains  

For national musicians and musical groups registered in the National Institute of Music (INAMU)

Identifies non-profit organizations on the internet. Only legal entities, Argentine or foreign, that have previously requested the Enablement of Special Zones presenting a copy of the Bylaws/Social Contract can register these

Behind every domain there is a travel and tourism agency authorized by the National Ministry of Tourism and Sports or a provincial or municipal government body that promotes the tourism promotion of the corresponding province or municipality  

Can only be registered by those who market products, articles and/or services and have the validation of the National Service of Agrifood Health and Quality (SENASA)

If you have a cooperative registered and with a current license from the National Institute of Associativism and Social Economy (INAES), you can have your domain  

Identifies Argentine mutuals on the Internet that are registered and have a current license from the National Institute of Associativism and Social Economy (INAES)

Represents on the Internet entities related to online gambling registered in the Records of Online Gaming Operators validated by the jurisdiction where they operate

Represents on the Internet entities authorized by the Superintendency of Insurance of the Nation (SSN) to operate as insurers. The domains must be registered in the name of the Legal Entity

What can be Registered as a Domain Under the .AR TLD?

Domain registration under the .ar TLD, managed by Argentina's national domain registry (NIC Argentina), follows a set of specific rules and guidelines to ensure appropriate usage and prevent misuse. The significant points to note are:

  1. Special Characters: Domains can include special characters, expanding the range of possible domain names. This includes the letters ñ, ç, á, é, í, ó, ú, ä, ë, ï, ö, and ü. This allowance helps support domain names in local languages and scripts, providing greater accessibility and relevance.

  2. Domain Length: Domain names can consist of between 1 and 50 characters. However, for domain names that are only 1 to 3 characters long, additional restrictions might apply. This restriction aims to prevent misuse and ensures a wide distribution of potential short domain names.

  3. Appropriate Content: Argentina will evaluate the viability of user requests through the intervention of the domain registration area of the NATIONAL DIRECTION OF THE INTERNET DOMAIN REGISTRY. This is to avoid the registration of domain names that are offensive, discriminatory, contrary to the law, or that could lead to confusion, deception, or identity theft.

These are the fundamental rules for registering a .ar domain name. For more information about these rules and to understand the complete regulations, you can visit the official NIC Argentina website here.

Who can Register an .AR TLDs?

For .ar,, any individual, national or foreign can register. For other SLDs, there are additional requirements that are mentioned in the registration requirements table.

What are the Most Used Extensions (TLD and SLDs) in Argentina?

Based on domain registration data from 2023, Argentina's most widely used extensions are and .ar. The domain is the most popular, with its registrations peaking at 555,207 in May 2023. The .ar TLD, while less popular than, shows a consistent growth trend, increasing from 95,221 registrations in January to 97,716 in June. Other Argentinian SLDs like,,,,,,,,, and have a significantly lower usage, with their registrations remaining fairly stable and far less numerous throughout the same period. Thus, the and .ar SLD clearly dominate Argentina's internet landscape in terms of domain registrations. Please note that the .ar TLD was launched in 2020, while the SLD was introduced 13 years earlier. This time gap between their launches could be one of the factors contributing to the relatively smaller size of the .ar TLD compared to SLD. 


Why should I register a .AR domain in Argentina?

  • Local Presence: Registering a .ar domain establishes a professional online presence in Argentina. It tells your website visitors, particularly Argentine customers, that you have a connection to their country. This can create trust and foster stronger relations with your local audience.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search engines often prioritize local domains for searches made within the same country. This means that an Argentine business with a .ar domain has a better chance of ranking higher in local search results, driving more organic traffic to the site.

  • Availability: Compared to .com or .net, .ar domains might have a wider range of domain names available. You're more likely to get the exact domain name you want with .ar, providing your brand with a distinct, easily recognizable web address.

  • Brand Protection: By registering a .ar domain, you protect your brand in Argentina. This can help prevent others from registering a similar domain, which could potentially confuse your customers or infringe on your trademark.

  • Access to Large Economy: Argentina is one of the largest economies in Latin America, with diverse sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, and services. By establishing a .ar domain, your business can better position itself to tap into this extensive market. It signals your commitment to cater to the needs of Argentine customers, which could potentially enhance your business growth in this significant economic region.

  • Creative Branding Opportunities: A significant feature of the Spanish language is that many verbs end in .ar, such as "viajar" (to travel), "comprar" (to buy), or "pensar" (to think). This linguistic characteristic provides creative branding opportunities when registering a .ar domain. For instance, a travel agency could use "" as its domain, or an online store could utilize "" These memorable and concise domain names not only emphasize the purpose of your business but also create an innovative and culturally relevant online identity. This can enhance brand recognition and make your website address more memorable for your users.

  • Industry Significance: The .ar domain can also hold meanings relevant to certain industries or concepts. For instance, in the technology sector, AR stands for Augmented Reality. Businesses in this field might choose a .ar domain to highlight their focus on AR technologies. Similarly, in the financial sector, AR often stands for Accounts Receivable. Companies providing financial services related to accounts receivable might find a .ar domain suitable for their online presence. This multi-faceted significance makes the .ar domain adaptable and relevant across different industries.


In essence, the .ar top-level domain holds a significant place in Argentina's digital space, enabling Argentine entities to assert their unique online identity. The journey of the .ar domain has seen numerous advancements, broadening its relevance across various sectors. Registering a .ar domain offers key advantages, such as enhancing local presence, improving SEO, and protecting your brand. For anyone targeting the Argentine market, this becomes an important strategic step. As digital landscapes continue to evolve, so will the prominence and reach of the .ar domain.