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Understanding the .NO Top-Level Domain

.no is the country code top-level domain (TLD) of Norway, a beautiful country in Scandinavia with a population of over 5 million. It represents the country’s digital identity in the Internet landscape, with websites of the country’s government, businesses, and individuals using the .no TLD. 

This article provides all the information you need to understand the rules and requirements for registering a .no domain. We’ll also list the important milestones for this particular TLD. 

What Does the .NO TLD Represent?

The .no TLD is the official TLD of the country of Norway. As is the case with most country code domains, the .no domains represent a connection with Norway. It’s largely used by Norwegian individuals and companies or international companies registered in the country. 

Norid is the designated registry for domain names in Norway, ending with the suffix .no. The agency is also responsible for developing and implementing the registration policy for .no domains. It’s supervised by the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom).

Timeline of Key Developments of the .NO TLD

Here’s the timeline of important events and milestones related to .no TLD:




The responsibility for the .no domain was awarded to Pål Spilling at the Norwegian Telecommunication Research Institute.


.no was formally registered as Norway’s TLD by Jon Postel. Responsibility was transferred first to Pål Spilling and Jens Thomassen and later to UNINETT (the company responsible for Norway’s Research and Education Network).


The oldest archived zone file with 19 domain names was preserved. 


World Wide Web (WWW) was launched, making domains more accessible. 


The .no domain crossed 1,000 registrations. 


Norid was established within UNINETT to manage the registry of .no domains. 


Google was launched, impacting how people searched for websites. 


The number of registered .no domains crossed 50,000. 


Norwegian and Sami language characters were permitted for use in .no domains. 


All-numeric domain names were introduced.


The second-level domain (SLD) was launched to allow individuals to register .no domains. 


Private individuals were allowed to register the .no TLD. 


The number of registered .no domain number crossed 700,000.


30th anniversary of the .no domain.


The number of registered .no domain names crossed 855,000. 

What Second Level Domain Names (SLDs) Can Be Registered in Norway and What Are the Requirements?

Under the .no TLD, various SLDs have designated purposes and requirements. These SLDs can only be registered by designated entities, such as educational institutes and municipalities. 

Here are the designated SLDs in Norway:




Folk high schools in Norway

Upper secondary schools in Norway

Compulsory schools (primary and lower secondary schools) in Norway

County libraries in Norway

Municipal libraries in Norway

Museums in Norway

Sports organizations in Norway

Municipalities and County Authorities in Norway          

Municipalities and County Authorities in Norway

Municipalities and County Authorities in Norway

Municipalities and County Authorities in Norway

Municipalities and County Authorities in Norway

Junior Achievement (JA) firms and student firms in Norway

Private individuals in Norway

Besides the above SLDs, there are three other SLDs which are designated and controlled by parties other than Norid. The and SLDs belong to the Norwegian government, whereas belongs to the Norwegian Armed Forces. These domains can only be registered by government and military entities, respectively. 

Is the .CO.NO Domain Extension Available?

Yes, the extensions exists, but this extension is not an official second-level domain under the Norwegian .no ccTLD, but it operates as a subdomain under, which itself is a regular .no domain. The subdomain was created as a workaround to offer a more liberal registration policy than the official .no domain, which has traditionally had stringent requirements for registrants. It is often used by companies that may not meet the criteria for registering a direct .no domain.

What Can Be Registered Under the .NO TLD?

Domains with suffix .no have to follow specific rules and regulations regarding what can be included in the name and the length it can have. 

  • Letters, digits, and hyphens: The .no domains can have Latin alphabets (a-z), Arabic numerals (0-9), and hyphens. 

  • Length: The minimum length of the domain name is 2, whereas the maximum length is 63 characters. 

  • Norwegian and Sami language characters: Internationalized alphabets are also allowed in the Norwegian and Sami languages. They’re converted in Unicode, and the converted code counts for the total length of the domain name. In other words, domain names with such characters may need to be shorter than 63 characters. These characters include á, à, ä, č.

  • Other rules: The first and last character of the domain must be a letter or digit, not a hyphen. Certain terms like ftp, localhost, whois, and www are not allowed because of technical reasons. 

Who Can Register a .NO Domain?

Any domain name ending with .no can be registered by Norwegian organization or individual over 18. 

The organization must have a registration number with the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities. Similarly, individuals must have an identity number from the National Population Register. Anyone applying for a .no domain must have a Norwegian mailing address. 

Besides these basic requirements, other specific requirements may apply for designated SLDs. For example, there are additional requirements for SLDs that represent geographic regions. 

Here are the types of organizations listed by Norid that can apply for a .no domain, provided they meet the general or specific requirements:

  • Responsible company with shared liability (DA)

  • Responsible company with joint and several liability (ANS)

  • Joint-stock company

  • Public limited company

  • Other entities according to special laws

  • Housing cooperative

  • Cooperative housing association

  • The Norwegian Church (formerly Church Council)

  • Condominium ownership

  • Sole proprietorship

  • European Economic Interest Grouping

  • Association/Club/Institution

  • County municipal enterprise

  • County municipality

  • Mutual insurance company

  • Intermunicipal company

  • Municipal enterprise

  • Municipality

  • Limited partnership

  • Norwegian-registered foreign entity

  • Organizational unit

  • Partnership

  • Pension funds

  • Cooperative enterprise

  • Limited liability company

  • State enterprise

  • Savings bank

  • The state

  • Foundation

  • Securities fund

Embassies and consulates of foreign countries can also register a .no domain, even though they don’t belong in the list of organizations above. 

Unfortunately, foreign businesses and individuals can’t register the .no domains, the only way to register is to use a “Trustee Service”.

How a Trustee Service Works?

A Trustee Service is a third-party service provided by a company based in Norway. This company will act as the registrant for the domain, fulfilling the local presence requirement set by Norid. The foreign business or individual still retains full control and ownership rights over the domain, while the Trustee Service ensures compliance with local regulations.

Benefits of Using a Trustee Service

Ease of Registration

The Trustee Service simplifies the process of obtaining a .no domain for foreign entities, handling the registration process and navigating through the local requirements.

Legal Compliance

The service ensures that the domain registration adheres to Norwegian laws and Norid's policies, minimizing legal risks and complications.

Administrative Support

Trustee Services often provide additional administrative support, assisting in managing and maintaining the domain, which can be particularly helpful for those unfamiliar with Norwegian regulations.

For registering .no domains, foreign entities can utilize the Trustee Service provided by This service simplifies the registration process, ensuring that it adheres to the necessary legal and regulatory standards set within Norway.

Why Register a .NO Domain?

Registering a .no domain is a strategic decision beneficial for individuals or businesses aiming to establish a connection with Norway, offering several advantages.

Local Recognition

A .no domain immediately signals an association with Norway, enhancing credibility and appeal to the local audience. It helps in building a brand that resonates with Norwegian consumers, making your services or products appear more relevant and accessible.

Improved Search Rankings

Search engines often prioritize websites with country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs) like .no for local searches. A .no domain can improve your website's visibility and ranking for searches originating from Norway, driving more organic traffic from the local users.

Commitment to Norwegian Market

Owning a .no domain communicates a commitment to the Norwegian audience, fostering stronger relationships with local customers and stakeholders. It reflects dedication to meeting the needs and expectations of the Norwegian market, serving as a dedicated platform for showcasing products or services tailored for them.

Brand Protection

Registering a .no domain protects your brand within the Norwegian digital landscape. It prevents others from acquiring your brand name with a .no extension, safeguarding your identity and reputation in the region.

Facilitated Partnerships

A .no domain can ease partnerships with Norwegian companies and institutions, serving as an indicator of your serious intent and investment in the Norwegian market. It underscores your focus on understanding the local business environment and consumer behavior.

How Many .NO Domains Have Been Registered?

According to Nord’s data as of September 2023, a total of 856,123 .no domains have been registered. Here’s the number of registration for last 10 years:



In conclusion, the .no top-level domain (TLD) is a vital digital marker for Norway, serving as a key online identifier for the country's individuals, businesses, and organizations. This article has offered an in-depth understanding of the .no domain, from its history and registration rules to its various applications and the role of Norid as its designated registry.

The .no domain is primarily available to Norwegian entities, with provisions for foreign businesses through Trustee Services.These services simplify the registration process for non-Norwegian entities, ensuring they can also benefit from a .no domain while complying with local regulations. With its role in enhancing local recognition, search engine visibility, brand protection, and partnership facilitation, the .no domain is a strategic asset for engaging with the Norwegian audience. Its continued popularity is evidenced by the steady growth in registrations, surpassing 856,000 as of 2023, marking its enduring relevance in Norway's digital realm.