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Find articles, news, tips about where, how, and what to search and analyze to register your trademark locally and internationally.

Unleash the Power of Creativity: Introducing Nominus AI Brand Name Generator

Discover in our article the Nominus AI Brand Name Generator, a ChatGPT-4 powered tool that simplifies and streamlines the naming journey. It's perfect for businesses seeking unique, resonant names and offers creative, customized solutions, efficiently revolutionizing brand naming with transformative potential.

Which Countries Apply for the Most Trademarks Around the World?

Trademark registration by country varies, but fortunately, there are simple solutions, which we will explore below. But what country registers the most trademarks per year? The team at Nominus.com did a deep dive into the World Intellectual.

How to Boost Your Brand with a Web Site

Building a brand in this age of social media is never an easy task and comes with challenges. Now the age, of social media dictates how strong you'll be with your brand, so it is essential to have a website for your brand as it increases customers.

A Guide to the Most Recognizable and Successful Trademarks

A trademark is a symbol, design, phrase, word, or combination of these elements that is used to identify a good or service. A trademark only protects the use of a word of phrase in relation to a specific good or service. Most large brands have trademarks that are recognizable and can be easily distinguished from those of other companies.

Trademark Glossary and Resources

A trademark is a type of intellectual property protection that recognizes a symbol, word, or design to identify a product from a particular source. The use of trademarks has been around for centuries. They are used to identify a particular brand owner for specific goods and services.

Searching for a US Trademark in 2022: All You Need to Know

Conducting a US trademark search helps protect your business and your intellectual property. While it’s an integral step, it’s often overlooked, which can result in serious legal and financial complications. Read more in the following article. 

Why Should Business Owners Register a Trademark?

One of the most important things a business should do when starting is to register its trademark, however, some entrepreneurs wonder whether they should register their trademark. Let find out why this is so important. 

Trademark Basics You Need to Know

Trademark is a term that can be used to refer to both trademark and service mark. While the trademark refers to goods, a service mark refers to services.
In addition to being used as an identifier for your goods/services, it will also provide legal protection for your brand

How to Search for Conflicting Trademarks?

When starting a new company, many entrepreneurs will have their idea firmly in mind not just for the type of business they are starting and the products and services they offer, but also their business name and logo.