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Find updates, articles, reviews, and the latest about country domain names, generic domain names, and web hosting services for your business in the Nominus Domain Blog.

Understanding the .AR Top-Level Domain

From enhancing your brand to improving SEO, explore the world of .AR top-level domains in this article. We review the evolution of the .AR domain, its available extensions, registration requirements, and reasons why owning one is a strategic choice in Argentina's digital landscape.

How Does the Liberation Process of .BR Domains Work?

This guide helps you understand the release process for expired .BR domains in Brazil. If you're looking for previously owned, valuable domains, it's crucial to know how they become available again. This knowledge helps you find and secure a suitable .BR domain, strengthening your online presence.

Using ChatGPT as Domain Name Generator

Find the perfect domain name with ChatGPT's help. It simplifies the process, inspiring creativity for unique names, vital for a strong online presence. This article discusses using ChatGPT as a domain name generator, effective prompts, and the benefits of new plugins.

Localizing Your Website: ccTLDs vs. Subdomains vs. Subdirectories

Adapting your website for global audiences requires strategic localization. We explore the pros and cons of ccTLDs, subdomains, and subdirectories. Considering budget, technical needs, brand consistency, and SEO, our guide assists in selecting the most effective strategy for your online presence.

Registering a .US Domain Name: Everything You Need to Know

Acquiring a .US domain name enhances your brand's reach in the US market. This guide explains the advantages of a .US domain, how to choose an effective domain name, the requirements for registration, steps to register and manage the domain name, and how foreigners can register a .US domain. 

Top 10 ccTLDs to Boost Your Business’s Global Presence

Boost your global reach with the right ccTLD! Learn the essentials of country code top-level domains, how to choose the perfect one for your business, and explore our top 10 picks. Enhance your brand's international credibility and online visibility with our comprehensive guide.

New .NEXUS Domain Extension: Explore Everything You Need to Know

The new .nexus top-level domain lets you make a unique space on the internet. We'll discuss how using .nexus can help your brand get noticed online and share some key tips on registering your .nexus domain successfully. 

How To Register a .AU Domain Name: A Quick Guide

Explore the numerous benefits of obtaining a .AU domain name, including enhanced local online presence and improved security. By selecting the appropriate domain name and type, fulfilling necessary requirements, and collaborating with a reliable .AU registrar, you can swiftly register your desired .AU domain name.

How to Register a Local .JP Domain Name in Japan

When expanding your reach, you can’t miss out on Japan. Japan  is one of the most influential markets in Asia and is home to countless generous and loyal customers. A .JP domain name can greatly benefit your business. Discover how to register a .JP domain in our blog post.