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Blog - Domain Names

Find updates, articles, reviews, and the latest about country domain names, generic domain names, and web hosting services for your business in the Nominus Domain Blog.

What Is the Most Visited Website in the World?

Explore the top websites by category in our blog article, featuring data from Discover global leaders like,, and, as well as popular sites in industries like hotels, marketing, and entertainment. 

How to Register a Local Canadian Domain Name .CA for Your Business

Many Canadians prefer buying locally or using local services. If you want to establish a strong online presence in the Canadian market, you should opt for a local Canadian domain name .CA for your business. A .CA can establish your company as a trusted and credible entity in the Canadian market.

How to Get a .NYC Domain Name for Your Website

.NYC, exclusive to New York, provides a unique digital identity for individuals and entities connected to the city. It allows businesses to utilize their location, differentiate, and boost their SEO ranking, enhancing their local and global reach.


Buying Domain Names for Your Business: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

A good domain name is essential for building a successful website, as it can set a brand apart and improve SEO and conversions. However, most businesses only realize they have a bad domain name after registering it. Brands should avoid common mistakes when purchasing a domain name to avoid the hassle of rebranding in the future.

Computer Skills: Coding Courses and Games

Learn the basics of coding and take your computer skills to the next level with our range of coding courses and games! From introductory tutorials to advanced software engineering resources, unlock your potential with our library of interactive experiences.

How to Register A .TH Domain Name in Thailand

If you're planning to offer your products or services in Thailand, obtaining a .TH domain name is highly beneficial. This guide explains the registration requirements for both individuals and companies. We provide all the necessary details for you to successfully register your .TH domain name.

Computer Skills: Learn to Touch Type

Touch typing is a skill that is essential to using a computer efficiently and productively. Learning this skill will help improve your performance in different professional activities. Luckily the internet has plenty of learning aids designed for beginners of all ages! 

Examples of Winning Domain Names for the Tech Companies

You should always have a clear idea regarding choosing the best domain name for your tech company. The extension will help you define your business in the tech industry and customers can easily find you online with the right extension and domain name.

How to Register a .ID Domain Name in Indonesia

Registering your domain in Indonesia can lend your more credibility in the local market and give you access to the fourth most populous country in the world. Registering a .ID domain name in Indonesia can be done quickly and efficiently, as long as you know the steps to follow.