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Find updates, articles, reviews, and the latest about country domain names, generic domain names, and web hosting services for your business in the Nominus Domain Blog.

Understanding the .BR Domain Name: A Quick Guide

A .BR domain is the internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Brazil. It's primarily used by entities connected with Brazil. Registering a .BR domain can enhance local trust, improve SEO for Brazilian searches, and demonstrate a commitment to the Brazilian market.

Which Countries Have the Most Popular Top-Level Domains in the World?

A comprehensive guide to the most powerful top-level domains around the world, which can provide fascinating insights such as which countries have the most expansive internet presence, and which domains may be the most influential for your needs.

Which Domain Extension Should You Use: .COM or .CO?

Choosing a domain name requires you to look for the right domain extension that will go with it. Two of the most popular choices are .COM and .CO. Which is better for your business? Both of them have their own pros and cons, as well as key considerations.

Choosing the Right Domain Name and Why It's Important for Your Business

Having the right domain name is important for businesses. It builds your brand identity and gives you credibility. However, coming up with a unique domain name is often challenging. You have to consider factors like availability, keywords, and trademarks.

Establish Your Digital Presence in Bahrain with a new .BH Domain

For international business owners, establishing a local presence in Bahrain is a good way to expand and reach the global market. One way to boost your digital footprint within the kingdom and the surrounding nations is to create a .BH website for your business.

Generic TLD vs. Country Code TLD: Which is the Better Option?

When making a website, it's essential to consider your top-level domain (TLD). A TLD helps businesses communicate information about their product, boost audience trust and engagement, and improve brand recall. This article will cover the basics of TLD, compare its two types, and evaluate the best option for brands.

Get a Local Presence in Tanzania with a new .TZ Domain Name

The right domain extension can make all the difference for you and your brand. Having a .TZ domain extension lets your audience know that you’re a Tanzanian entity based in the country. Take advantage of the Tanzanian registry’s .TZ launch and register for a .TZ domain today.

All About the Father of the Computer: Charles Babbage

The history of computing is filled with influential men and women, all of whom contributed to the state of technology today. Charles Babbage's accomplishments, both practical and theoretical, established some of the standards and processes that influenced the advancement of (computer) technology for decades to come.

Cyberbullying: A Guide to Internet and Computer Safety

Anyone who spends time online may eventually come into contact with people who use technology to harras victims. This activity is known as cyberbullying, and it is often against the law. Awareness of cyberbulling also helps ensure that kids don't inadvertently engage in this hurtful behavior against other kids.