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July 2023

The Most Popular .BR Top Level Domains in Brazil

.BR, the TLD for Brazil, a nation of 214M, is among the top 10 CCTLDs. This domain is widely adopted across various sectors, states, and cities. This article examines the popularity and distribution of .BR domains, offering insights into Brazil's online landscape.

Understanding the .AR Top-Level Domain

From enhancing your brand to improving SEO, explore the world of .AR top-level domains in this article. We review the evolution of the .AR domain, its available extensions, registration requirements, and reasons why owning one is a strategic choice in Argentina's digital landscape.

How Does the Liberation Process of .BR Domains Work?

This guide helps you understand the release process for expired .BR domains in Brazil. If you're looking for previously owned, valuable domains, it's crucial to know how they become available again. This knowledge helps you find and secure a suitable .BR domain, strengthening your online presence.